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Sony has a knack for turning up at the last minute with a veritable ex-machina stuffed into their finely lined blazers, blowing their competition out of the water (Microsoft knows what I mean). And now the legendary tech company is once again up to their old tricks, but this time with VR gaming.

Recently both Oculus Rift and Valve & HTC's Vive released prices and dates for when their wearables will be dropping onto people's faces, to a fair amount of disdain; mainly due to the huge prices of the tech and the fact that your PC will probably need a dramatic overhaul in order to run VR.

But then at GDC, along came a wild Sony who revealed the release date and the price of their eagerly awaited PS4 exclusive headset to whoops and applause from the giddy crowd. And its price ain't half bad, I tell you.

The Dawn Of PSVR

The PlayStation VR headset will be arriving in various households across the globe in October, and will cost the fairly measly amount of $399 (£349 & €399). And will come with this bunch of cool looking wires and bits of dead tree:


And it supports 360 degree audio, very low latency and positional tracking!

The only downside is, in order to use the thing with its positional tracking amazingness, we'll all have to fork out an extra $40 for the PlayStation Camera alone, and a PS Move wand made infamous from its beleaguered time on PS3. I'm sure you can pick those up for cheap at various thrift stores. Do it for House Of The Dead: Overkill alone.

Warning: this here video is slightly NSFW:

So, How Much Will The Future Cost?

Kinda pricey if you haven't already jumped onto the PS4 bandwagon. If you're planning on going into PSVR cold, you'll need to grab a PS4, PS Camera, PS Move, and PSVR, and all of that will set you back roughly $850. Which is still considerably cheaper than Vive/Oculus Rift and the amendments you'll have to make to your PC to run them.

Otherwise, you'll have to fork out roughly $500 for the goods, sans PS4. Which, interestingly enough, is very close to the Rift's $599.

Yes, VR is all very much up in the air at the moment, with sky high prices and the promise of mind-blowing experiences fluttering out of devs' mouths. But with Sony's promise of over 50 VR games being available from launch to the end of the year, and a PSVR exclusive Star Wars: Battlefront inbound, this future may just stick around a little while.

Let's just hope the VR Battlefront is better than the normal one, huh?

Will you be joining PlayStation's VR revolution?


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