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Over the past few years, Cable companies subscriptions have been decreasing,ratings declining,etc.. It would seem kind of normal,but its not because the inevitable is slowly happening,TV is dying.

Beginning in 2013, cable TV started experiencing a loss of subscribers, and that loss grew wider in 2014. A combination of lower TV viewership because of fewer cable subscribers and other media supplanting cable has the industry at a crossroads. In fact, according to Nielsen ratings, TV viewing has been dropping about 10% per quarter. There are several reasons for this dilemma.

In fact,When was the last time you watched TV on a TV? The rise of Internet streaming services like Netflix, Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime has inserted some welcome competition into the marketplace, giving long-suffering cable customers an alternative they've craved for years.

Why you might ask? Simple

Online Streaming is more flexible

Consumers are no longer willing to pay for a plethora of channels that they don’t watch. This antiquated cable model has become usurped by streaming options of getting only what you want to watch, and even those consumers that are still with cable are requesting more targeted, smaller bundles.


Online streaming require very cheap pricing compared to their content, For example netflix's pricing is 9.99$ per month and you get thousands of various content. Compared to Cable companies' overpriced bundles, online streaming is far a better option

No Primetime Competition

FOX, CBS, NBC, and ABC have been battling for the top spot since they first came into existence. Throughout this struggle, their main arena has been primetime, taking place between 8 and 11 p.m. Monday through Friday. During those hours, they slot their strongest shows, each hoping to be the most-watched shows on single nights throughout the week. Netflix though exists outside this struggle entirely.

Streaming services doesn’t have to worry about competing for the top ratings spot in primetime. Its flexible release schedule makes it possible to release full seasons of its various shows any time it makes sense for its own calendar.

Quality of Shows

Everyone thought that online streaming services arent capable of pulling off quality shows,but look what we got. Orange is the New Black,House of Cards,Red Oaks,Casual. All these fantastic shows produced by multiple streaming services like Netflix,Hulu Plus,and Amazon proved us all wrong.


Unless you dont have internet, online streaming services now adays is literally available anywhere,which makes it easier to watch. Such as on a smartphone,tablet,laptops,video games consoles. So you no longer have to strictly have a TV Screen to watch your favorite shows


Americans are more wired today and prefer the ease and convenience of transitioning between devices like laptops, mobile phones, and wearable (watches) that broadband and wireless connections afford. The data backs up this transition. According to Nielsen, the number of broadband-only households grew by 112% in 2014.


We’ve been conditioned for the last half-century of television in a simple credo: one week = one episode. The idea is to build tension, while stretching out the potential for ad revenue over 6 months. Online streaming has truly changed the game,This in turn leaves audiences free to watch at their own leisure, with many choosing to power through everything in a single sitting. It keys in on the millennial need for instant gratification. No one is forced to wait, a week to watch a 42 minute show peppered with almost 20 minutes of commercials,You can watch your favorite shows,or any show actually in all of its seasons,making online streaming the easy choice over network TV.

What about you? Do you prefer Traditional TV over Online Streaming?


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