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Her alarm clock roared as Maya barely lifted her hand to try to find it and turn it off. She groaned, turned her head to look at the time, and she gasped. Maya knew she was going to be late again if she didn’t hurry and get out the door in the next five minutes.

“Why do I have to get up and go to work on a Wednesday?” she asked herself out loud. “It’s a good thing I slept in my uniform. Although I don’t remember putting it on the first place.” She said as she threw off her covers and took care of a few last minute details. She opened the door and walked down the steps and saw her friend Dan. She noticed he was wearing his headphones and decided to scare him. She knows it’s probably not a good idea to scare a police officer, but she thinks it’s good to prepare him to be alert if he wants to be chosen for the detective opening at his department. So she scares and it goes how it always goes; He screams, tries to throw punches as he turns, and she ducks. He takes off his headphones.

“Why!?! Why must you scare me like that!?!”

“Because it’s fun.”

“Well it isn’t fun for me.”

“It isn’t just for fun. I am trying to help you train for that detective opening at your department. You have to be on alert if you want to be a good detective, you know.” Maya said teasing him.

“Yeah, yeah. I heard it the last couple of times. Shall we start walking towards our jobs while we still have them?”

“Sure, let’s go.”

They went on their way and followed their normal route. After a couple of minutes, Dan looked at the time, and started worrying.

“Hey, you think we’ll make it on time?” Dan asked impatiently. “I hope we’ll make it on time. Won’t we? We just have to make it on time.”

“Dan, you seem really stressed out. You got a hot date or something?” she asked nonchalantly.

He replied, “No. I just want to get there on time today is all.”

“Yeah. We haven’t exactly been on time the past few weeks.”

“Yes, but I want to make sure there is no reason I won’t be chosen for the new detective job.”

“Then why start today, in the middle of the week? Why not at the beginning of the week, or the week before this week?” Maya asked.

Without saying a single word at all, Dan gave Maya an answer. A smile spread wide across her face.

“So it is a girl! Tell me everything!” Maya said with excitement.

“What’s there to tell? I mean, she’s got a great personality, she’s funny, cute, and knows how to handle a perp. What’s not to like?”

“If there isn’t anything wrong with her, then ….”

“I heard from a friend at the station that she goes for guys with a bit more muscle than what I have.”

“But you have almost no muscle at all.”

“I knew I shouldn’t have told you anything.” he regretfully said.

“No, come on. I’m just busting your chops. I think you could her if you really tried.”

“Eh, maybe. I can’t try if I’m not there, now can I?”

“Oh yeah, then what do you suppose we do?”

“Way ahead of you. Last night I planned out a shortcut. If we turn here at this alley, then go through the old abandoned warehouse, we can make it on time.”

“Sounds like a plan.”

With that, they turned into the alley and they headed to the warehouse. Although the warehouse was “officially” declared abandoned in the early 90’s, there were still some old crates, boxes of fireworks, and a car from a local television show from the 70’s. Maya and Dan opened the door. It creaked open and they entered. A loud, booming voice called out, “Who’s there?” They ducked behind some rotted crates.

“Don’t worry about it boss.” said a different voice.

“Yeah, Frank’s probably right. Maybe it was a rat or the wind.” said another voice.

Maya peaked between two crates to see who the voices were coming from, but she already had a clue. She looked anyway, to make sure it was Roberto Siena. Roberto Siena was the crime boss in the city. Everybody in the city knew who he was, what he’s done, and what he is willing to do to get what he wants. An attorney put away one of his enforcers and Roberto put the attorneys’ brother six feet under. He made him watch his murder and now the attorney is rumored to be living somewhere in Greenland just to get away from Roberto and his goons.

“You guys are probably right. Hey – you guys wanna know one rat who won’t be making another sound?”

“Eh, what rat boss?” said Anthony “Jackhammer” Hane. They call him “Jackhammer” because he likes to use a jackhammer to chop up his victims. They know because he used it on a witness who claimed he knew how he got rid of people they killed.

“You don’t get subtlety, do you, Anthony?” said Silent Tomas. Although Tomas is never really silent, he silences any people he has to in order to keep their operations going. Anthony and Tomas both handle people who want to crush their operations differently and Roberto likes that, which is why he keeps them around.

“Uh … what’s sub-lety, boss?” Anthony asked.

“Nothing, Anthony. Don’t worry about it. Drag that piece of garbage out of the trunk and bring him to his knees, will you Tomas?”

“Sure thing, Roberto.”

Maya and Dan looked at each other.

“Maya, we have to get out of here.” Dan pleaded.

“Dan, we have to see if we can help this poor person. We can’t just let Siena keep running the city. You know he has police officers on his payroll.” Maya said.

“Hey! That’s a low-blow. True, but not needed.”

“Here’s the rat you wanted Roberto. He wouldn’t stop squirmin’, so I gave him a shot in the breadbasket. Hope that’s okay with you.” Tomas said as he brought in a figure he carried over his shoulder.

“That’s more than okay, Tomas. Set him down over there.” Roberto said, pointing to a crate with fireworks coming out of the top and spilling over the side.

“You got it.” he said, as he threw the body next to the crate.

Maya moved to another spot and saw the body lying on the floor. He turned his head and Maya knew who he was. He was the son of the bar owner that she likes to frequent. He was dating a friend of hers and she knew that her friend would be upset if anything happened to him. Maya moved back over to Dan.

“Dan, we gotta help him out. I know the guy. He’s a dating one of my friends.”

Dan sighed. “Is it serious?”

“Dan!” she said while she hit his arm.

“Ow! Fine! We will try to help him, but let’s just see how things go first.”

“Okay. Do you have your phone?”

“Yeah, why?”

“Start recording so we have proof that he tried to kill someone. Just try not to make it so obvious.”

“Hey. I can do things incognito. It just … doesn’t always happen that way.”

“Just do it.”

Dan took out his phone and started to record between the crates. Roberto propped the owner’s son up against the crate of fireworks.

“Do you know why we brought you here?”

“What’s it matter? You’re gonna kill me anyways.”

“You got attitude. I like that. Makes whatever happens next feel really good. What’s your name, kid?”

“Damian. Where’s my father?”

“Don’t worry about him. We won’t do anything to him, so long as you die right here, right now.”

“I will protect my family to my dying breath.”

“Respectable. I like that too. If you hadn’t overheard our plans, then I think you could have been a great addition to our little uh “job” we were planning for later today. But now, you’ll hear how it goes from those who die when our plan goes into effect.”

Damian saw the light catch off the phone and got an idea.

“So um … Roberto, Roberto Sienna. You, Anthony “Jackhammer” Hane, and Silent Tomas James here are planning to blow up the mayor and then declare the city yours, is this right?”

“I don’t know why you’re saying all this, but yes. That is accurate. Now, how would you like to go? Hmmm? You prefer my pal Anthony, or my pal Tomas?”

“I choose neither.”

“Then in that case, a little contest is in order. Boys!” Roberto snapped his fingers and his henchmen stood and saluted.

“Yes, sir!” They said at the same time.

“The one who can cause him the most pain will be the one to finish him off. You will each get three tries, anything goes. Anything to get his heart to stop for good.” Roberto’s smile seemed to creep across his face.

“Yes, sir!” They said and then they started playing rock, paper, scissors to see who would go first.

From behind them, they heard a smashing sound. Dan had tipped a crate over, it broke, and revealed where they were hiding.

“Hey! This isn’t where they make those little hamburgers I love so much. Please don’t shoot me, I love living. I’m a cop at the precinct near here.”

“Get them!” Roberto shouted. Maya and Dan stopped recording and ran out the door.

“What about this kid, boss?” Anthony asked.

“Leave him! If he dies now with those two having evidence proving we were about to kill him, any jury would convict us! Now let’s get going!”

“Right, boss!”

“Consider them done for, Roberto!” Tomas added.

They started to chase after Maya and Dan, leaving Damian unattended. Damian tried to get himself free from his binds, but he was having no luck. Just then, he heard something above him and then felt glass fall on him.

“Hey!” Damian shouted.

Then a person fell through the skylight and landed on one knee and one hand, like how those people who are really graceful and agile do in the movies. He lifted his head and Damian saw his face. He saw the face of his would-be rescuer. He stood and started to untie him. Damian got up and looked at the man. He was strong, dressed in a blue t-shirt and had on black jeans.

“Th-thank you.” Damian said nervously.

“Think nothing of it. Did you know who those two people filming were?” he asked in a voice that seemed to show no signs of anxiety whatsoever. ‘

“No.” he said weakly, so he tried again in a deeper voice. “No.”

“Shoot. Well, get out of here. Go find your father. Get a hold of the FBI. Siena doesn’t have anyone with them, so he should be able to get prosecuted without much trouble if you go to them.” said the mysterious man. Damian looked at the man. He didn’t seem all that troubled by the situation, almost like he has done this before. And there was no tension in his voice. None at all.

“I’m going to go after them, see if I can lend those two a hand.” The mysterious man started to leave.

“Who are you?” asked Damian.

“I forgot my real name. Just call me – I don’t know – um … Jessie? Yeah. Jessie.”

“Thanks … uh Jessie.”

“Like I said, think nothing of it.” Jessie opened the door and left.

Our story continues in "Samurai Jessie: Origins 2" if you would be so kind as to go the my page and check it out. Thank you.


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