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Hello again!! I have created another Samurai Jessie story! It took me a while to come up with the idea and then write it out and make everything perfect, so I hope you enjoy!!

It has only been a few months since the incident with Roberto and his goons, but things have already started improving in the city. Global Girl has adjusted nicely since being relocated to a new place and time period. Samurai Jessie has made a new persona and found a way into the police department with Dan. Maya has amazingly kept her job despite also working with the others to help people and catch criminals. Things have been going well for them.

Today is their day off. So they all decided to go somewhere to eat. They will decide where when they get together, but so far, only Jessie and Camile are at the designated spot. Jessie barely remembers being human and having to meet friends somewhere. Camile remembers being human like it was months ago, because it was, but she never really had friends like she does now. Not to mention, these modern days are very different from the modern days she once knew.

“So now that we have been combined with … “powers”, does that mean we have a better concept of punctuality than humans?” asked Camile.

“No, Camile. We just don’t have regular lives we need to keep up with like Maya and Dan have. Besides, we are still human. Only we have … “extra things” that make us … not “human”.” Jessie replied.

“We are?”

“Yes, Camile. We still have our … humanness.”

“Oh. Sweet.”


Camile turned her head, and there she saw Maya and Dan heading towards them. Maya waved excitedly as Dan gave a nod. Camile and Jessie waved back at them. Suddenly, Camile and Jessie got a strange headache. But it was no headache; it was three voices in unison telling them they needed to get to a location for a meeting. They were given the name of the place and were told to get there by sundown.

Maya and Dan looked at their friends and ran to them. By the time they got to them, Jessie and Camile were bent over and holding each other up.

“What happened to you two? You looked like you were gonna fall to the ground.” Maya concernedly asked.

“Yeah! That did not look good.” Dan needlessly added.

Camile and Jessie try to catch their breath. “We … just got a message … saying that … we have to … meet at a … secret place … for some kind of … meeting.” Jessie breathlessly explained.

“What do you mean “got a message”?” asked Maya.

“We sometimes get messages from the ones who gave us our powers – the “robies” – and we have to go to a meeting or to a specific location. This one told us to go to a location for a meeting. We have to get there by sundown.” Jessie explained, now breathing normally.

“What happens at these meetings? Who attends these meetings?” Dan asked.

“I’m pretty much new to all of this, so don’t ask me.” Camile replied.

“Well, now including Global Girl, there are 8 of us.” Jessie said.

“8?! What do you mean 8?! 8 what?!” Maya excitedly asked.

“8 “combinations”. You see, we call ourselves “combinations” because we were combined with something to get the specimen we are today.”

“So if you 2 are 2 of the … “combinations”, then who are the other 6?” Dan asked.

“Well, that is an interesting question. I know their names, but I don’t think you know what they look like.”

“Yeah, but we might recognize their initials … or something.” Dan said.

Jessie thought about it. Then said, “Okay. Their names are, in no order: Nora Wheeler, Clark Simpson, Francis Fine, Luna Toman, Sylvester Mann, and Stella Mann. Do you recognize any of their initials, Dan?” Jessie asked sarcastically.

“No. I just said initials because I really wanted to know their names.” confessed Dan.


“Will you be fighting at this meeting?” asked Maya.

“No. 98% certain we will not be fighting. This meeting will probably be about whether or not we can get involved in the human race now because of all this hero and villain business going on.” Jessie reassured Maya.

“Oh. Good. Well then … good luck. Make sure to come back in one piece you two.” Maya said.

“Yeah, be safe out there.” Dan added.

“Hey. It’s us you’re talking about. Come on. We’ll be back before you know it.” Camile said, as she and Jessie turned their backs and walked into the alley to teleport to the meeting location.

“You ready?” Camile asked Jessie.

“Sure am.” Jessie replied.

“Let’s go!” Camile exclaimed, as she teleported her and Jessie to the meeting location.

When they got there, they found themselves in a beautiful valley filled with flowers. In the center of the flowers, there was a clearing. In that clearing, stood what looked like a building but had a kind of futuristic look to it. Jessie appeared unfazed by it, as if he had seen this building before. Camile stood and wondered about the building in the middle of nowhere.

“What’s wrong?” Jessie asked Camile.

“This doesn’t seem a little weird to you? A building in the middle of a bunch of flowers? How does this make sense?” Camile responded.

“You have the power to teleport, I have the power to absorb metal, not to mention shape shift, and you ask if a building in the middle of a bunch of flowers is weird?”

“Yeah, but it doesn’t look like any old building. It looks like something beyond this generation’s capabilities. Not even with the heroes and villains of the present day.”

“Sure. I admit it doesn’t, but it is just the way the robies operate.”

“They certainly know how to throw a party.”

“Sometimes … it does feel like a party.”

Jessie and Camile walked into the building. Camile went first attempting to push the double doors open, but the doors opened as soon as she was within a foot of the building. She stumbled, recovered, although Jessie chuckled a little. Jessie thought about how this is Camile’s first time going to a meeting and how she will experience about 3 more in her lifetime as Global Girl.

When they walked into the building, it looked like a fancy mansion foyer. The walls were painted gold, the ceiling painted black; the floor was shiny and marble. There wasn’t much furniture, just some chairs around a long table, a chandelier, a big screen and three podiums in front of the table. Camile was in awe; Jessie was not at all shocked, albeit a little impressed. Another person walked in the room. It was a woman.

“Hello Jessie. Long time no see.” said the woman.

Jessie sighed. Jessie didn’t even have to turn around to know who was speaking.

“Hello Nora.” Jessie turned around. “How are you?” Jessie asked.

“Fine. Just fine. As I understand it, you are mentoring the newest addition to our … “family”. How’s that going?” Nora asked.

“Well, as you can see, she is doing outstanding. I’m fine as well, by the way.” replied Jessie.

“Damn straight you are.” Nora said seductively.

“Excuse me but, what the hell is going on here?” asked Camile.

“Excuse us, one moment, please.” Jessie said.

Jessie grabbed Camile by the shoulder and brought her away from Nora.

“Look – I know Nora on an … intimate level. We never really dated, but we both know that there is something there. It’s really complicated because I’m a good guy and she’s a bad guy. There is an entire history between us.” Jessie explained.

“It’s cool. I get it. I am hip to the times.”

“Apparently you’re not.”

“Whatever. Point is, I understand.”

“Thank you. Oh, for Pete’s sake.” Jessie looked at the person who just walked in.

“What? Who is it?” Camile asked excitedly.

“It’s Francis Fine.”

Francis Fine looked around the room and locked onto Jessie. His expression didn’t change as he walked over to Jessie and Camile.

“So good to see you. So good to see you look so well. I was hoping you would recover, especially since the last encounter we had.” Francis smirked.

“Yes. I do so enjoy a good fight among friends.” Jessie sarcastically said.

“Forgive me for breaking up this little reunion or whatever, but who are you?” asked Camile.

“Pardon me, Miss ….”

“Howard. Camile Howard.”

“Miss Howard. This young man and I have known each other for a long time now. What do you go by now?”

“Jessie.” Jessie said through clenched teeth.

“Jessie. I think you know how Jessie can’t take the heat.”

“Yeah, fire is his weakness.” Camile responded.

“Yes, I am.” Francis smiled.

“Wait! So you’re combined with fire?!”

Francis put his hand out and snapped his fingers. From his hand a small fire arose.

“You see, our fights don’t usually last that long. He gets closer to a draw each time, however. We may fight fair, but he hasn’t been able to beat me yet.”

It was a brisk winter day in the year 1567, in Europe. Francis was on his way to a new town to start a new life. He was wanted for starting a fight between a royal guard (who was a little crooked to be honest) and he got the attention of the king. He threw a tomato at the king and knocked his crown off. So he had to make a quick getaway.

As he was running towards a small clearing, he saw a figure heading towards him. It had the silhouette of a rather large woman. But as it was walking toward him, the silhouette changed. It changed to a small man. The man came into the clearing and Francis could see who it was. He saw that it was who would be known as Jessie in the future. It was Smith.

“You shouldn’t have come here Smith.” said Francis.

“Oh, I think I had to. After all, we both got the summons.” Smith smiled. “Or did you not feel your head pounding with the thought “Come here. Come here.”.”

“Still. I know what you are. You know what I am. I think this has only one way to end. Remember the first time we met?”

“You mean, the last time we met?”

“It is the same thing. This is only our second encounter, yet I already know how this will end.” Francis smiled.

“Then let’s not waste any time.” Smith put up his fists. “Shall we?”

Francis charged at Smith and Smith made a sphere around himself. Francis’ fists now caught fire. He punched at the metal and at first made dents. Then, he turned up the heat on his fists. The red flames now turned blue. He continued to punch at the sphere and this time the sphere was melting wherever he hit it.

A light started shining from one of the holes Francis punched. He looked shocked. Light started shining from the other holes Francis punched in the sphere. Francis moved as far back as he could. The sphere exploded and from the dust appeared Smith, only now he was wearing armor.

He wore metal shoulder pads that were long enough to cover his shoulders and more. He wore a metal helmet with spikes protruding from all sides. In his hand he held a sword that seemed to be apart of him. He wore a shiny metal suit with 4 swords coming out of his back. “Feeling underdressed, Francis?” Jessie jabbed, as a mask of metal covered his face.

“Just a little. Give me a moment while I make a quick change.” Francis smiled while flames engulfed him. You can see the flames move onto his body and stay in place as they solidified. He had flames on both arms covering them, leading towards his upper body. A helmet with a flame frozen in place in the form of a swirl. Flames coming out of his back, his feet, and a sword glowing red that was also apart of him. A suit of flames solidified covering his body. “Are you up to the occasion, Jessie?” Francis jabbed back, as a mask of flames covered his face.

They charged at each other and their swords clashed and clanged, attack after attack. They kept fighting, dodging, even throwing globs of metal and fire at each other. Their fight raged on for a total of 15 minutes. By the end, Smith’s armor could not withstand all the heat that Francis produced. Francis wore Smith down.

“Well, Smith. Have you had enough yet?”

“Yeah. Guess I’ll just … play dead … for now.” Smith strained. He fainted and metal started leaking from “key” places. Then the metal turned red. Francis’ armor faded and he cleaned any remains of the battle. He was going over to Smith to help him up, when several royal guards caught up to him.

“There’s the criminal. Look! He’s killed someone!” said one guard.

“Let’s take him back to the royal dungeon for the king to decide how much of his life he’ll spend there!” said another guard.

The guards took Francis back to the town he was trying to flee from and he turned to Smith’s body and whispered: “Well played, Smith. Well played.”

When they were gone, Smith stood up. He dusted himself off.

“Time to break Francis out.”

“Do you remember that time, Jessie?” Francis asked Jessie.

“Yes, I do. As I remember, you escaped, did you not?”

“I did. If not for that individual, my break out would have been more … unruly.”

“Indeed. If not for that young girl, you would never have slipped away from those 3 guards, would you, Francis?” Jessie smirked. “If you will excuse us a minute.” Jessie took Camile by the hand and they walked away from a confused Francis.

“I dislike that man very much.”

“Yeah, I can tell. Hey, what was that bit about armor? That’s like the second time I’m hearing something about armor.” Camile asked.

“Armor? Oh yeah, the armor. You see, if the battle is really serious, then we get to put on our armor. It basically protects us from almost anything. It is not so vulnerable to our weaknesses when we put on our armor. For me, that would be the heat and the cold. For you, that’s mostly everything.”

“Oh! Gotcha. Would’ve come in handy for my fight against Nora, but good to know now.”

“I would have told you but I didn’t know that you had your first bat – wait a minute! You’re first battle was with Nora!?!

“Yes. It wasn’t exactly how I expected it, but it was still something. It gave me experience.”

It was a month and a half ago in the frozen tundra, in the middle of summer. Nora was already at the meeting place and she wondered who she would be fighting against in her element. She was looking around when she turned and saw a woman had teleported a few yards from her.

“Excuse me? Miss? I was uh instructed to come here? I know this may seem a little weird, but I was told here would be where I meet my first opponent.” said Camile.

“Yes. As I was instructed to come here for my next battle.” Nora said.

“Battle?” Camile asked confused.

“Yes, battle. You must be the new one. I hoped it wouldn’t be you.”

“Why? Afraid of Camile?” Camile joked.

“Not afraid of you.” Nora put her hands up, causing some snow to pick up from the ground and swirl in the air above her. “Afraid of what Nora will do to you.”

“Oh, that’s not good.” Camile said meekly.

Nora formed chunks of ice and started to hurl them at Camile. Camile began dodging them.

“Wait.” Camile teleported. “What do we do?” She teleported again. “I’m new to this, remember?”

Nora sighed. “We fight. That’s all. We can put on – oh, wait. I forgot the rules. Can’t use armor if it’s your first time.”

“Wait? Armor? And are you good or bad?”

“Well, that’s kind of difficult to answer. See, sometimes I’m good and sometimes I’m bad. I was originally bad. But now …” Nora sighed again. “I guess I’m bad now.” She paused. “Yeah, I guess I’m bad.” Nora raised her fists and ice formed around them.

“So, if you’re bad, then why do you care about the rules?”

“Because we all fight honorably as long as we are fighting one of our own.” Nora sighed frustrated. “We will fight for at most one hour. By that time the battle will be decided as a draw. If one should become too damaged or become exhausted before the hour is up, then a victor is clearly decided. We do NOT go for the kill. If one is too damaged, then the victor helps them to a designated point where our “creators” will heal them. Got it?” Nora asked.

“I think so. But what about the armor?”

“Don’t worry about the armor. You don’t need to know until your second battle. Maybe sooner.” Nora whispered.


“Nothing. Time to fight!” Nora exclaimed as she picked up chunks of ice from the ground and hurled them at Camile. Camile continued to dodge them.

This went on for a while. Eventually, Camile started hitting Nora and Nora hit Camile. With one minute left before the hour was up, Camile and Nora got very tired.

“You know, Camile, I didn’t think someone could dodge my attacks for so long. I guess all I can do now is unleash my final attack. Blizzard!” Nora made the snow from the ground rise and blind Camile. Camile started teleporting to random places and Nora was throwing snowballs at her while she teleported. She stopped when Camile teleported right in front of her. That’s when Nora punched Camile and knocked her to the ground.

Nora lifted her hand. Camile became trapped in a little snow tower.

“Any last words, before I win?” Nora teased.

“Would … but it looks like … we’re out of time.” Camile strained, then smiled.

Nora looked surprised. She looked up and saw that an image of their “creators” appeared above them.

“Time is up. The battle is a draw. Congratulations to both of you. You may return to what you were doing before we summoned you. Thank you.” announced the “robies”.

“Well, you held your own for your first time. Good for you.”

“Thank you. You were not so bad yourself.”

“I should be for a 730 year old. Time for me to leave. Until next time.” Nora snapped her fingers and freed Camile from her snow tower.

“Guess I’ll just go home then.” Camile sighed. She teleported back to the city to talk to Jessie.

“That was impressive, Camile.” said Jessie.

“Thank you. I think once I get the hang of summoning my armor, I’ll be even better.”

“Yep. You will be.” Jessie felt a bit of pride as he heard how well Camile held her own, especially against Nora.


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