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I have often thought about how ridiculously frightening it would be to stand in front of a real-life dragon. I'd probably shit my pants at the realization that I am the size of his pinky talon, but to be in the presence of something so massive, so powerful, would be absolutely jaw-dropping.

Just check out this chart made by an unknown artist that shows us how massive the dragon is compared to some of the other species found in The Lord Of The Rings franchise.

Ancalagon The Black is making me shiver in my boots. I already though Smaug was humongous and frightening as hell, but Ancalagon takes the cake. Let's compare some facts regarding their sizes.


Also known as Smaug The Golden and Smaug The Magnificent, Smaug is one of the last fire-drakes of Middle-earth. He took over the treasures and the land of the Lonely Mountain for nearly 150 years before being killed by Bard The Bowman.


Although he is an Asian dragon with no wings, Glaurung is the first of the fire-breathing dragons to wreck havoc on a grand scale. He was able to do so much damage across Middle-earth and created an army of dragons after serving as a lieutenant in Morgoth's army.

Ancalagon The Black

Now this will blow your brain: Ancalagon is so huge, he could block the sun from miles and miles away. During the War of Wrath, he led Morgoth's dragons and was able to drive back the free peoples.

When Ancalagon was killed by a convocation of eagles and Eärendil (Arwen's ancestor), he fell from the sky and broke a volcanic mountain range. This caused a huge chunk of the northwestern portion of Middle-earth to be destroyed.

Just — no. If we've learned anything from Jurassic Park, it's that giant, scary, scaly creatures with sharp teeth and huge talons aren't very friendly. Add fire to the mix, and that's just the end of the world as we know it.

I'm really glad we are left with cute little lizards and that's all!

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