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I live, breath, and eat movies!

Personally, I think the world needs young adult films. Movies like films from the Harry Potter, Hunger Game, Twilight franchise, etc. help convert avid book buffs to movie fans and help bridge the gap between movie fanatics like myself and the book worms who would never buy a box office ticket otherwise.

It's still mind boggling how some of these movies get the green light from Hollywood executives, but I understand the logic when you factor in the blockbuster dollars associated with their decisions. Coming from someone whose favorite movie franchise of all time is Harry Potter, I think the young adult train has run its course.

I loved Harry Potter, but I'd admit the beats in those films are reminiscent of the Lord of the Rings books. I enjoyed the first half of the Hunger Games franchise, but the payoff suffered from insufficient funds in the last two installments. The first hour of The Maze Runner kept me at the edge of my seat until the spit in my face during the final act. Finally, when it comes to The Divergent Series, oddly enough, I don't like the franchise because it reminds me of other franchises I love and they lose points for creativity.

When I watched Divergent, it felt like I was watching deleted scenes from a Hunger Games Bluray -- many agree that the movies are extremely similar. Insurgent had the same faults, but instead it reminded me of the last film in the Matrix series. Take a look and you be the judge -- are these two movies the same film?


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