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Now if you haven't heard about Hardcore Henry then you probably have no idea what I am talking about. Hardcore Henry is an upcoming action movie that will be filmed completely in the first-person. The story follows Henry who has just been brought back from the dead by his wife with no recollection about his past. While being part man and part cyborg, he most find out who he is, save his wife who has been kidnapped, and prevent a warlord from experimenting on him to mass produce bio-engineered soldiers If you have not seen the trailer for it I will put it below for your eyes to bathe in!

Potential Problems

There will obviously be some problems with the film being in first-person, and I would like to address some. For one, while it does looks really bad ass, it also looks a bit cheesy. I personally feel like seeing the characters talking to you basically face-to-face can feel a bit awkward and redundant. Another problem is the fact that if this movie is successful, there will be and endless amount of copycats and that will sort of ruin it for everyone.

Potential Perks

One of the coolest things about the film is the fact that we will feel like we are really there. When placed in a first-person perspective it might make us feel the heat of the movie. It might quicken our pulse up a bit during combat, or even make us lose our stomachs when he is falling. I also believe it is easier to immerse yourselves into a movie when you don't put a face to the main character because it allows anyone to assume that identity. Let's also hope the film industry wont make a million copycats and only make a few more fantastic films like this.

What We Want To Really See

The biggest thing I think people are looking forward to in the upcoming film is the fact that it really will define, or destroy a whole new genre of movie. We really want to see first-person in a way that isn't clunky looking. We don't want to get confused or motion sick while viewing the movie, so it has to be smooth and look as if we really were looking through the eyes of Henry. We also don't want Hardcore Henry to be a mindless gunslinging movie at the same time. If we wanted just that we would go play Call of Duty. The story doesn't have to be amazing, but it has to make sense and have a fluid progression. Lastly, we really, really, really want Hardcore Henry to come out as soon as possible so we can watch this awesome looking movie!

In Conclusion

There can be many pros and cons to having a new type of genre come to the cinema, and we are expecting a lot out of Hardcore Henry, but at the end of the day we are still probably going to love this movie in one way or another. What do you all think about Hardcore Henry? Are you excited, or do you really not care that much? Comment in the section below!


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