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If you haven't read my previous article about Hardcore Henry, please read it first here. Now, Hardcore Henry is an upcoming action film unlike any other. The story follows Henry, who has just been brought back from the dead by his wife — with no recollection about his past. While being part man and part cyborg, he must find out who he is, save his wife who has been kidnapped, and prevent a warlord from experimenting on him to mass produce bio-engineered soldiers.

Source: IGN
Source: IGN

If that wasn't cool enough for you, then here comes the kicker. Hardcore Henry is the first film of its kind that features the entire movie in FIRST-PERSON. Now as excited as we are for Hardcore Henry, we need to think about what can come after it. It can truly be the gateway to an entire universe of new ideas in the film industry. I'll break it down into a few categories:

For Starters

Check out the trailer for Hardcore Henry.


Now Let's Think Genres...

Also with every GIF imagine it in first-person
Also with every GIF imagine it in first-person

1. Horror


Just imagine, truly imagine, what it would be like to watch Silent Hill or 28 Days Later in a first-person perspective. While it would probably be easier to see makeup, props, etc, It would be a lot more exhilarating than regular viewing. Take for example a Saw movie. Can you think about how crazy and disturbing that would be to watch? It would make me cringe and feel "phantom pains," but that would make the movie even more terrifying! Take a psycho/killer movie and put it in first-person. You would naturally immerse yourself in it and have similar feelings and emotions as the victim!

2. Romance

Let's be honest, this scenes better the way it is.
Let's be honest, this scenes better the way it is.

Now I don't truly know how I feel about having romance set in the first-person. I think it could be pretty adorable in the right hands, but at the same time it could be kind of creepy. Take Ryan Reynolds in Just Friends, which is a romantic comedy, and imagine if it was all in first-person. It would feel as if you were Ryan, and you were getting one crazy attractive girl. In the same light think about a movie like P.S. I Love You. I don't believe you could make a movie like that in the first-person, but who am I to say it wouldn't be any good!

3. Comedy

This is one place a first-person movie could really shine if done properly! Take a movie like Shaun of the Dead or something raunchy like Borat, and let the hysterical laughter commence. I believe it would make the movie feel like a realistic piece of humor when seen through the eyes of the protagonist! It would be as if you were on the streets watching it unfold in front of you.

4. Action

I firmly believe that Hardcore Henry will blaze a path for first-person action movies. Think about a James Bond movie or a personal favorite of mine, Mad Max: Fury Road. Put those movies in first-person and how sick would that be? You could be doing dogfights in the sky in one movie, or fighting terrorists in another. Explosions, driving, firefights, fist-fights, jumping building to building, skydiving, etc. The possibilities are truly endless.

In Conclusion

It's not just action where the possibilities are endless because any one of these genres could have their own unique twists on how the perspective of first-person is shown.

What do you think? Will first-person make it to all of the film genres, or will it die with 'Hardcore Henry'? Comment your answers in the section below!


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