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When they announced that Batman v Superman would star Wonder Woman as well, everybody got excited.

Wonder Woman is one of the most beloved characters of the DC comics, and she has been a love interest for both Batman and Superman, so i am interested to see if their going to use that in the films.

Anyway, when the news broke that Gal Gadot was the one playing Wonder Woman, she got so mutch hate from the DC fans that it still impresses me today, that she didn't quit the job. She maned up and ignored the haters like a true actor/ actress should do. Most of the hatred was due to two things.

1. Many, MANY fans wanted Wonder Woman to be played by the beautiful and talented Alexandra Daddario (mostly known for the Percy Jackson and her appearence in the TV show True Detective, among others) , wich in my opinion would be better to play Spider-Woman, but there are no plans for such a movie.

2. Fans considered that Gal has small breasts to play the role. Let's check:

Wonder Woman:

Gal Gadot:

Ok haters you got a point there.

When the first images and trailer first came, the haters we're back at it, and they were very mutch right. The costume is not like the comics at all.

But it is still pretty awesome. Oh and look the armor makes her breats look bigger, so stop complaining.

Yesterday, March 16th she went on Jimmy Kimmel Live and she talked about her breasts situacion and even talked about experiencing costumes.


Do you think Gal has small breasts for the role?


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