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Q: What are your memories of the original Full House?

The theme song!

The catch phrases "How Rude", "Cut It Out", "Have Mercy"etc...


Memories of a more innocent time.

Q: Did you have a fave character?

Uncle Joey and Kimmy Gibbler! They were and are kooky like me!

Q: Do you recall the episode with Harry and Stephanie getting married or did you have to revisit it?

Yes. That Episode is the one I most remember. And I DID Revisit it. Although, it seemed funnier watching it as an adult.

Q: How much did you study that episode in preparation for your ep?

I studied it enough to get the flavoring of the character to play him as an Adult. And it was important to be able to mimic a certain piece of action for the scene.

Q: Did the writers give you any advice on how to play the character?

Almost all of what I needed to play Harry was actually written in the script itself, but they did let me watch the 'Full House" clip again before shooting so I would be able to match the same sort of kiss Harry gave Stephanie in Full House.

The writers are very talented that way.

Q: Think there’s any chance that Stephanie might end up with Harry?

At present, the chances of them ending up together are slim. As it stands right now, Harry is too CPA-ish for Stephanie. I suppose a "marriage" could happen between the two, but only if Stephanie were to have a 'bizarre nightmare" of that scenario. Haha!

They are still supportive friends who are bonded by "Holy Mattress Money".

The "Fuller House" writers are great and could come up with any concept they want as the characters evolve and change. But I think integrity to the show and its fans are what is most important.


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