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The Carpenter’s Daughter, about a single father that struggles to come to terms with his increasingly distant 15 year old daughter after she loses control at a high school party, is released later this month.

We spoke to up and coming actress Lorynn York about what’s unarguably one of her biggest film breaks to date.

Q: You trained as a ballerina in New York. How tough was that!?

It was pretty rough. I actually loved it. It taught me extreme focus and dedication that I use in my character prep today.

Q: Are movies like Center Stage and Black Swan fairly accurate depictions of the ballet world?


Q: What prompted the move away from ballet and into acting?

I was always in and out of acting classes. It just comes with being a dancer. It helps with artistry. Every type of artist should take a few acting classes.

Q: What was your first gig?

It was my first audition EVER. It was an indi movie called 11:11 Directed by Meg Lansaw in Wilmington North Carolina. I had a few lines. I fell in love with being on set.

Q: Did you frame the check?

I should have!

Q: What appealed to you about The Carpenter’s Daughter?

It reminded me of the dynamic of my high school. I went to a small private school, it was a very judgmental environment.

Q: Where it was filmed?

All over Los Angeles.

Q: Could you relate to the story within it – if even not directly?

I really relate to Sadie’s character Natalie even though in the movie we hate each other. It was easy for me to be the mean girl in school. I was targeted by them growing up. I knew exactly what to do.

Lorynn, where can we follow you online?

My instagram is @xolorynnyork and my twitter is @officialLyork


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