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Chris Pratt is one of those actors that is just generally hard to dislike. He just gives off this vibe of being a generally down-to-earth and approachable guy, which totally makes him all the more awesome in my book. Chris Pratt has slowly been establishing himself as an actor that has the 'it factor'. He's filled various roles over the years starting back in 2000 when he got his acting debut in a short entitled Cursed Part 3.

Whatever you opinion on some of the movies he's been involved with aside (Strangers With Candy, Wieners, Wanted, Bride Wars, 10 Years, Deep In The Valley & What's Your Number? to name a few). Chris Pratt has brought to life several characters that embody certain emotions, and depending on your mood I suggest you check out these characters for each mood.

Feeling In Charge

Owen Grady (Jurassic Park)

If there is one character that takes charge of a situation it's Owen Grady. In Jurassic World, Owen is the Velociraptor tamer/trainer for the park and he carries a truly apparent level of authority both to the raptors as well as the screaming visitors as the park goes haywire. Owen uses his authority in a way that remains calm and collected throughout the whole ordeal, which makes him even more deserving of being in charge.

Feeling Spontaneous

Alex Eilhauer (The Five Year Engagement)

If there is one character that is spontaneous, it's Alex Eilhauer. Alex is the best friend to Jason Segel's character, Tom, in The Five Year Engagement. At Tom's engagement party, Tom and Violet are announcing their plans to get married. Alex takes the opportunity to get Violet's sister pregnant and shortly thereafter the two get married themselves. I'd call a shotgun wedding pretty spontaneous, wouldn't you?

Feeling Happy

Andy Dwyer (Parks and Recreation)

What can we say about Andy Dwyer besides saying that he embodies the idea of happiness. Through his tenure on Parks and Recreation (the entire show, even though he was originally only to be a guest star) he was a highly positive and happy-spirited character. Often gullible at times, he really only wanted to help people and he will, at the drop of a hat, go out of his way to make someone else happy. He even goes as far as to see himself as an eternal optimist.

Feeling Adventurous

Peter Quill / Star-Lord (Guardians of the Galaxy)

The space outlaw himself, Star-Lord is adventure in a nutshell. After being taken from Earth as a child, Peter Quill, a.k.a. Star-Lord, spent the next decade wandering the universe as a wanted man and adventurer. Throughout the events of Guardians of the Galaxy, he retained his adventurous spirit even in thee face of his own possible destruction.

Feeling Empowered

Emmet Brickowski (The Lego Movie)

The Lego Movie itself is all about empowerment, specifically for Emmet Brickowski as he has the potential to be the universe's Master Builder. Regardless of everyone's opinion of him doesn't really stop him from finally believing in himself and using his new found faith in himself to be exactly what he needed to be to save the day.

Feeling Flexible

Scott Hatteberg (Moneyball)

Moneyball is a movie that I truly enjoyed, it was full of heart, but what I enjoyed the most was the portrayal of Scott Hatteberg. Scott was a father and disillusioned baseball catcher. Billy Beane sought out Scott to play a new position, one that he had never played before. His transformation required a great deal of flexibility on his part as it's often truly difficult to change so dramatically.

Feeling Regretful

Bright Abbott (Everwood)

Bright Abbott is initially introduced as the goofy jock, which he portrays rather well. But, through the events in Everwood, Bright is responsible for leaving his best friends in a coma, after a drunk-driving accident. Bright carries that regret with him for a long time, and as he begins growing into himself he learns to deal with that personal regret and how to face the disappointment he believes that others have in him.


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