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So with the DC TV Universe making a huge impact with it's Cryokinetic characters; Icicle in Smallville, Captain Cold & Killer Frost in The Flash and Mr. Freeze in Gotham, I thought I'd offer my suggestions on who I think could bring these characters to the big screen in the DC Extended Universe.

Mr. Freeze:

So I feel that the main Cryokinetic Villain to have on the big screen is Mr. Freeze; While not the original Cryokinetic in DC Comics he is arguably the best known. However after Arnold Schwarzenegger's infamous portrayal in 1997's Batman & Robin, I think nearly 20 years brings a need for the ice man to cometh back.

Casting Choice: Bryan Cranston

Judging from how Bryan Cranston's career has taken off since Breaking Bad, I think he is a man capable of playing a cold-hearted yet emotionally-tragic man. I think he'd be very good at the serious nature that Mr. Freeze has as well as maybe showing a humour to Victor Fries if they did either a flashback or origin for him.

Most Likely Appearance: The As Yet Untitled Batman Movie.

Killer Frost (Crystal Frost):

So while the Arrowverse may have dibs on the Caitlin Snow incarnation of Killer Frost, and I am convinced that they all inhabit the same universe, the original Killer Frost Crystal Frost is still up for grabs. In some ways I feel this is best because Crystal stands to be darker given her lust for revenge, her look could fit into the DCEU better than other incarnations and she'll hopefully match Faora as a strong female supervillain.

Casting Choice: Nikki Reed

Who's better at playing a cold-hearted bitch than someone who has already portrayed one? Yes while Rosalie Hale wasn't the breakout character I think is necessary for admission into the superhero movie league, I think given the right character and direction Nikki Reed could be quite an attribute.

Most Likely Appearance: The Flash or Green Lantern Corps (as a Black Lantern)

Icicle (Cameron Mahkent):

Icicle I don't think is that well known to anyone who hasn't read the comics, watched Smallville or Young Justice. For that reason I think he's an open goal for the movies to reinvent or rejuvenate the character. Also I think out of the Cryokinetic Villains he's the one who'd be the best for comic relief. On a final note as to why I think Icicle Jr. would be great in the movies, he's a member of the Suicide Squad and I think could fit in quite well to that world.

Casting Choice: Dave Franco

I think Dave Franco is doing very well in these independent and small roles, but he is due for a breakout role and as Icicle Jr. I think that's where he'll shine. He has the right look and build and I think if modelled the right way they could make Icicle an ironically hot character because Dave Franco is quite the pretty boy. Also I think he's good with the quips and one-liners and that's what the Icicle from Smallville did right.

Most Likely Appearance: Justice League or Suicide Squad 2

Special Mention: Nora Fries

So while Nora isn't a Cryokinetic Character she is suspended in cryogenics, but much like Icicle I think they could make changes to the character...I don't just want her to be Mr. Freeze's frozen wife...give her a history, make her prominent.

Casting Choice: Vera Farmiga

Vera is stunning on Bates Motel and yes Nora was frozen at aged 25 in the comics but Bryan Cranston is 60 years have him mourn over someone young enough to be her granddaughter doesn't feel right...and with Vera's acting they could really make this more of a tragic love story than it already is.

Most Likely Appearance: The As Yet Untitled Batman Movie.

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Agree with my choices? Which Cryokinetic Character do you want to see join the DCEU?


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