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Let's face it. Being turned down for a date is no fun. However, when your proposed date is busy kicking galactic butt and saving the world, it's understandable.

Recently, celebrity date requests have seen a spike in popularity as fans have taken to using Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram to ask their favorite stars out. One such fan is Kevin Carlock, a current student at Davidson College. Kevin set the bar high when he composed an original rap and then recorded it for Star Wars: The Force Awakens star, Daisy Ridley, asking her to attend his spring formal. Check it out below!

"Like the Force in that lightsaber, I am calling to you. I think you would enjoy Davidson much more than Jakku. So before you go to leave to be a Jedi with Luke, there's just one more simple question that I'm asking to you..."

Talk about some great rhymes! Throughout the video, Carlock channels a level of confidence akin to that of Han Solo. He even manages to subtly slip in the fact that he works out. Well done, sir.

Alas, no matter how much charisma and charm Carlock managed to exude, it was not to be. Due to an intense filming schedule for Star Wars: Episode VIII, Ridley had to politely decline the offer, telling Kevin "Unfortunately I’m locked in an intense staring competition with Luke Skywalker, somewhere in the middle of the galaxy, so won’t be able to make it! Let me know how it goes!"

Best. Rejection. Ever.

Although disappointed, Carlock took the sweet rejection in his stride, posting his own handwritten response to Ridley. In the process of thanking her, he even managed to throw out his own thoughts on Rey's backstory, stating, "Father-Daughter staring contests are epic, so I understand why you can't make it."

Even though it didn't work out, I'm still glad Daisy was kind enough to respond to him. His video may have made her day, but I can guarantee you her response made his entire year. Just like Rey, Daisy continues to win the hearts of millions of fans across the world. Her sweet and thoughtful response to Carlock's request is further proof that she more than deserves the love that fans have shown her.

What do you think about fans asking celebrities out? Who would YOU ask out? Let me know in the comments!


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