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Hey guys, this is my first article I have written on this website. So I am apoligizing in advance if I am not so great at this, Enjoy!

Batman v Superman is Upon Us

Batman v Superman is less than two weeks away, and everyone is pretty pumped about it. Some people think this is going to make a billion dollars at the box office, some think it will not even make a million. Then there is the most obvious statement everyone makes about this movie.

Wouldn't Superman Win Right From The Start?

Now, look. If he wanted to, he could kill Batman instantly. He could heat vision him and fry him to pieces, punch him dead in the face, he could even fly up to space and wait until Bruce dies from old age. But Superman doesn't want to kill anyone if he doesn't have to. In Man of Steel, he had to kill Zod, because if he didn't, he would of killed everyone on earth to make a new krypton.

Then, after the events of Man of Steel, there was kryptonian technology everywhere. There were aircrafts, the kryptonian battle suits, and of course General Zod's body. Anyone could have gotten their hands on this technology, including:

Lex Luthor

Just like a lot of people in the DCEU, Lex does not like Superman for a single thing he has ever done. His saying in the trailers: "Devils don't come from hell beneath us, why they come from the sky." supports this. Then Lex could have salvaged some of the kryptonian tech, and brought it to his scientists to break it down and tell him if there are any elements they can find in it. Keeping in mind that Luthor hates Superman, he will try to convince someone to take him down and provide him with the kryptonian tech to help them out. This person is:

Bruce Wayne

Bruce Wayne obviously is Batman, and from the trailers thinks,"Even if there is a 1% chance he is our enemy, we have to take it as an absolute certainty!" So why wouldn't he team up with Lex? They both hate Superman and want to take him down, and all Luthor needs is someone to take him out, so why not Batman aka Bruce Wayne? Well here is one reason, how will he survive fifteen seconds with a bulletproof alien that can fly?

Bruce Wayne Will Make The Batman Armored Suit From Kryptonian Tech

That's right, Lex Luthor is going to team up with Bruce Wayne to give him the technology he needs to take down the Man of Steel. Bruce will be given it, and he will run various tests on it, and finally find a way to somehow melt it down and form it into his Bat-Armor. Could this be the machine that does it?

We Will Find Out On March 25


Who Will Win?


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