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Do or do not, there is no try..
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One of the most factors in the success of a TV show or movie is how well the cast gets along. Brothers and sisters, besties, call it what you may-but if there is no bliss on set, there is no bliss period. Besides, we love watching our favorite casts smile and enjoy each other-it makes the experience of watching them play our their onscreen dramas much more satisfying. So, here is a collection of images involving some of your favorite TV and movie casts just goofing off and having fun!


This cast must really enjoy working together. There are tons of images of them having loads of fun and touching each other inappropriately. No wonder this show is so damn successful.


When you are part of the biggest R-rated movie of all time, you know you're going to have a ton of fun. F-bombs, and finger poking all day! I mean, c'mon- when you got Van Wilder working with you it ain't going to be PG.


You can't even call them a cast, you have to call them a family. They're fun onscreen as well as off. Through the good and the bad, this family have stuck together for 200 episodes.


11 seasons of on and off screen fun with the cast of Supernatural. Their panels are always fun to attend and they put out the funniest cast pics ever. From Zoolander style poses to the now classic Dean Winchester singing "Eye of the Tiger"-these guys are fun to be around.


There is as much fun as there is death. The cast of Game of Thrones knows how to have fun, and give their hardcore fans tons of laughs. They aren't afraid to show up somewhere and go right into character for enjoyment.

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