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"The closer you look, the less you see." One of the opening lines from the 2013 crime, mystery movie Now You See Me. This movie has a star-studded cast with names the likes of Jesse Eisenberg (Batman V Superman, Rio) , Woody Harrelson (Zombieland, Hunger Games), Morgan Freeman (Wanted, Shawshank Redemption) and Michael Caine (Kingsmn: The Secret Service, The Dark Knight Trilogy). With a unique plot and really interesting story developments, Now You See Me left viewers wanting more from The Four Horsemen and their mysterious mentor. Magic is in the air once again with the release of a new trailer for Now You See Me 2.


If the sequel is anything like its predecessor, the trailer did not give much away. Watch the first movie's trailer and compare it to the movie itself, you'll see there are many more twists and turns that are not shown within the trailer. Much like the movie's overall concept of "the closer you look, the less you see." That being said, it's still fun to speculate what the trailer has shown us in terms of the potential story. Here are some things we can (possibly) gather from the new trailer.

What Have They Been Up To?


A year has passed since The Four Horsemen's vanishing act from the eyes of the public. In that time we see that Jack Wilder (Dave Franco) has been teaching (or attempting to teach) Merritt McKinney (Woody Harrelson) a thing or two. It's safe to assume that everyone has been using this time to hone their skills and/ pick up new tricks while being hidden within the secret order of "The Eye." Not just that, but it's evident that there has been a change to the Horseman Roster in that Henley Reeves (Ilsa Fisher) has been replaced with Lula (Lizzie Caplan). What brought up said change isn't shown, maybe there was still some tension between Reeves and J. Daniel Atlas (Jesse Eisenberg). Maybe she is replaced after they realize Lula has much more to offer the group. There are plenty of scenarios that could be at play but the movie will undoubtedly answer this question.

Jack Wilder Rises from the Dead and a New Show

It's all in the wrist
It's all in the wrist

Another thing to consider is how they will address the return of Jack Wilder. If you recall from the first movie, Jack Wilder "dies" after a high speed chase between himself and the cops. But as we can see, Jack is back in the game, wowing the crowds on the street. Speaking of which, something has brought the Horsemen out of the shadows and back into the spotlight. Could be just for the sake of money or it might be some other driving force we have yet to see. But now it looks like they are going to be in for much more than just a return to fame.

The Appearance of New and Old Faces

Taking a card out of Rhodes' Book
Taking a card out of Rhodes' Book

The triumphant return of The Four Horsemen seems to be cut short by a mysterious figure. While we don't know exactly who interrupted their comeback show, we can guess who it could be.

One name that comes to mind is their old friend, Thaddeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman). At the end of the first movie, he and Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) did not exactly leave on great terms after Bradley is locked up for possessing the stolen money and being assumed as the Fifth Horseman. Well revenge is a dish best served cold as it appears that in that same year Bradley has been devising a plot to get back at Rhodes and his gang.

Another possibility could be another new comer to the franchise, Walter (Daniel Radcliffe). From the brief moments of the trailer, it looks like Walter has teleported the Horsemen from New York to China for a job. It's undetermined whether Walter is another threat or just a guy looking for the best thieves in the game, but it makes you curious when in a brief clip he is sitting face to face with Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine), former investor and previous victim of the Horsemen's antics.

Cheer Govna'!
Cheer Govna'!

With a new heist, a new case will be opened up to thwart the Horsemen. And with said new case, a new detective has been assigned to track them down in the form of Natalie Austin (Sanaa Lathan). It will be interesting to see if Rhodes will use his pull from the previous case in order to "help" the investigation and keeps tabs on any discovered. And it would be nice to know what happened between Rhodes and his last companion, Alma Dray (Melanie Laurent).

Like I said before, if this new movie is anything like the first, we can't really predict what will happen in Now You See Me 2. Even with everything that I state previously, the trailer tells us nothing about another featured actor, Jay Chou, and his role in the movie. There are so many variables and scenarios to consider that can't be seen in the trailer and are almost impossible to imagine. No matter what happens in this movie, I'm keeping my fingers crossed for even the slightest nod to Radcliffe's previous magic filled franchise.

Now You See Me 2 will be released in theaters June 10th, 2016.

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