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Scott Kuczeryk

If EA and Dice think I'm gonna pay $15 bucks to play the new DLC their out of their minds since I do already have the Seasons pass I think it's totally obscure to ask not just me but anyone else to pay such a price for something someone else already mentioned that we have now in the game, Droids. Now, I have to totally agree about another thing as well and that is on the characters their adding to the game..what are they gonna do with Greedo, use him in a, "Who Shot First" campaign with Han Solo, come on or Nien Nunb, two of the worst characters to put into this game next to Jar Jar Binks in which I'm totally surprised they didn't fit him in somewhere.. I certainly hope not but I also have to totally agree by adding Lando, Chewie or even Yoda which would make this game awesome. We could use the extra maps mind you which would be kool and a Campaign like John Boyega mentioned a while ago..A story to play out which added bonusus after completion of each level of the campaign. Also they should add in double the points matches or competitions on weekends like Call of Duty Black Ops does to help make faster credits to upgrade your Star Cards quicker..but to pay out money for this new DLC coming in April is totally ludicrous.. Before I forget to mention this if you at EA or Dice want people to pay $15 bucks for this you better up the date or something and add in more Bounty Hunters too from the Empire movie. But I totally can't see any of us buying it because we already have the Seasons Pass and the Xbox Live Gold which the cost of those alone surpasses the amount of the new Outer Rim DLC. Anyone out there who agrees with me pass on a message and if I forgot to mention anything here please feel free to comment on here and I'll get back to you on it..


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