ByMike Eaton, writer at

#1 The references

There are so many references there's to many to count there is brand from real world things to disney where my favorites were the frozen ones

#2. The animation

Walt Disney animation studios has come a long way I still miss hand drawn but this films animation is one of the biggest highlights it shows so many areas and so.many different parts I want to see more if they make a sequel it was colourful and again visually stunning and will keep if you have one your kids attention through the film.

#3 the characters

The characters are done amazingly well I.loved the rabbit and Fox characters there back stories aren't to long or to short either but tell it in a straight forward good way they are funny and you feel for the characters both throughout the film

#4 the jokes

There are ones from disney films to real world references I was laughing thoroughly through the film I missed some jokes the only gripe I have again is the sloth and DMV scene otherwise adults and children alike will enjoy the jokes

#5 the story and real life issues

Disney has made I think better than frozen And big hero six story to shame this film puts in real life issues in the world and makes you think.about them acne though some are portrayed as a joke the story is really intuitive and great for friends and family and it also has a great message and makes jokes of old ones this us the closest to real life movie disney studios I think has ever done and I loved every minute I want to see it again because of how great everything all in all was


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