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The next Captain America: Civil War trailer has come out but everyone's pondering on where some of the characters are. Most are there from Avengers except for two. Now if you watch the trailer you'll see in a minute just what vital characters we are missing.

Now since you've watched it and if you still don't know that's coming. Below here are the teams for Captain America and Ironman.

As you can see the teams only consist of 5 people each including their main captain of their team that's fighting sides. Now if you still haven't picked out who's not here and why I'll show you now. It's not that hard to pick.

Firstly we have Thor that isn't with us in the trailer/movie or the teams. Why do you wonder. Here are just a few reasons why Thor couldn't make it into Captain America: Civil War.

  • The actor Chris Hemsworth who plays Thor may of been off working on another movie. Yet why would he leave this one to the others. We don't know
  • Thor may of had other jobs in Asgard he had to get taken care of due to his mangy villain of a brother Loki doing bad things again and couldn't make it that way
  • He may of forgotten there was another movie coming and therefore continued doing his royal Asgard duties

But still this is no reason why they couldn't of had Thor on one of the teams helping either side out. He should of been there helping his fellow Captain America.

Hulk is our second person who hasn't been put into [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409). His reasons vary way differently to Thor's. Here are just some of his reasons:

  • Too big for the job and this time it didn't require smashing.
  • He would of caused too much damage if it were only just a simple fight situation.
  • None of them would of thought he was a good team mate for what they're going through.

Poor Hulk. Why he shouldn't be chosen is so sad for him. Better luck in another movie Bruce Banner aka Hulk. You can smash them next time!


Who would you choose to be on a team for Captain America: Civil War?


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