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The 88th Academy Awards were collected, with Leonardo Dicaprio and Brie Larson taking home the best awards of the night. Host Chris Rock was excellent and black lives matter was brought to an even wider spectrum. Next years nominations will hopefully be better and people of all nationalities should be look into for higher calibrated roles as a whole. I did not make this post to discuss the past show though, but for a even bigger idea that is making a new category that consist of being called the best graphic novel adaptation. Films like Captain America: Civil War, Doctor Strange, and the future Batman and Cyborg could definitely be the super bait for the Oscars.

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The Current

In the year of 2015, comic book movies gave us explosive popcorn movies like the Avengers Age of Ultron, Ant-Man, and then another attempt at making a Fantastic Four movie. In this current year of 2016 it looks like comic book movies will change again like 2014, with Civil War being a psychological thriller, Suicide Squad acting like a twisted Guardians of the Galaxy, and X-men: Apocalypse is back at it again with the apocalyptic vibe. 2016 will be the best year for comic book movies for me until the year of 2018 when the Black Panther and Batman solo outings are release and when the Avengers Infinity War Part 1 brings Thanos to the plate. This is definitely a wonderful time to be alive as a film and comic book fan!

Can't wait!
Can't wait!

The Studio

The superhero selection of films have been testing their limits for awhile now, but the genre can go even further by breaking them with their respective Studios help. When it comes to books in general, I like to separate comic books from graphic novels, because graphic novels are much more complex than comics. Marvel Studios might be the least to do this, because they are own by Disney, which is why most of their films are bright and fun, but with strong directors like the Russo brothers and Ryan Coogler they could easily make an oscar nominee. Dc Extended Universe has some amazing directors and writers like the Batfleck himself and Warner Brothers is usually the studio that allows the people behind the project do their job, unlike others. 20th Century Fox has my biggest pick for making an oscar type of superhero film, because the studio has taken more serious and fun mixtures of superhero films and Fox has some of the best directors and writers working on their films as well. Sony Pictures is the past and I don’t see the studio making any better plans for this year or in any future year, with them accepting that they're a joke and them making movies like a distant Spider-Man film and nostalgia films. If Batman V. Superman succeeds critically and financially then Marvel Studios, Fox, and Sony will have more competition and will have to challenge their properties even more.

Don't go to Earth, you'll have to meet the Fantastic Four!
Don't go to Earth, you'll have to meet the Fantastic Four!


Characters are the most important thing to me when it comes to superhero films, because I love these characters and their personalities from Zatanna to the Fatal Five, or Arcade to Patriot. Deadpool is already opening the gates for other characters, and reestablishing the fact that if you stay true to the character no matter what, you may receive a lot of positives. I would love to see Warner Brothers Studios make a serious and flipside of what being a villain is like with my favorite character from Dc, Deathstroke the Terminator. The Dc Extended Universe is already booked, but who really wants a Flash or Cyborg movie? I wish that this studio would step-up and make this movie with the Judas Contract in mind. It would be shocking to see the judas contract playout onscreen! The only characters that Marvel Studios has left to make a big difference with to me is Black Panther, Spider-Man, and Doctor Strange. I say Black Panther, because learning about the Panther God and the history of Wakanda all behind a good writer and an astonishing director would be intriguing for me. 20th Century Fox, as I said in my last section is the best contender for this, whether they go with mutants or actual graphic novels. I’ve wanted this character to have his own film ever since that underwhelming (2007) Fantastic Four sequel that feature him! The Silver Surfer, which would tell the story of how Norrin Radd became the herald of Galactus, while sacrificing his liberty for his people and then having to defy the Devourer of Planets. Luke Evans has shown us he can play a character of this type with Dracula Untold and I think he will really breakout in the new High Rise movie. Deathstroke must be Joe Manganiello! The End!


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