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We all know that Superman's method of concealing his secret identity is — a little less than inspired. He throws on a pair of glasses and calls it a day, and everyone around him is none the wiser. (To be completely fair, he also vaguely changes his hair.)

His Clark Kent alter ego is defined by the simplicity of this change, and fans and critics alike have long teased the character for it. But now, our resident Superman Henry Cavill is offering his take on the spectacle disguise, and he even did a little field research.

Henry Cavill Took To The Streets Of New York — Where No-One Recognized Him

To prove that Clark's disguise isn't so bad after all, Cavill went galavanting around Times Square surrounded by gigantic promotional images for Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice and he's wearing a Superman shirt no less.

And guess how many people came running over to gawk?

You guessed it — none! Who needs glasses when you get automatic anonymity in a very busy city?

Granted, this is a very short video clip that doesn't show the entire on-the-street adventure. And to be fair, Cavill isn't the most recognizable star to ever walk the streets of New York.

Taken at face value, no-one recognizes Superman when he's out and about, so glasses should be more than enough to conceal his identity. At least, that's how Cavill sees it.

Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice finally lands in theaters on March 25 (only a couple of weeks away!).


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