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In case you weren't much of a movie-news follower in 2007, the hip-hop artist Common was actually cast as Green Lantern John Stewart in George Miller's 'Justice League: Mortal'. Below is a picture of Wonder Woman's design from that film.

The movie was never released but little did we know back then that it wouldn't be the last DC project for the celebrity.

Common's casting in DC's upcoming 'Suicide Squad' got a lot of people talking, especially given his previous adventure in superhero media.

Pictures of him from the set started speculation that he was the Tattooed Man (A Green Lantern Villain) but we didn't actually know who he was playing.

The hip-hopster (what?) has revealed his character is a villain who will be affiliated with the Joker and called "Monster T". He didn't give any more details.

What do you think? Could this be the rumored Tattooed Man with an alias to throw us off? Or is he a new character simply acting as a henchman for The Joker?


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