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We caught up with Carlos Valdes, a.k.a. Cisco Ramon on The Flash, to get the scoop on Vibe reaching full potential, and the possibility of his own nemesis!

Heroes and Villains Fanfest Chicago brought your favorite cast members from The Flash, Arrow, and Gotham together for a weekend full of DCTV goodies and fun! We were lucky enough to have a moment to meet and chat with the one and only Carlos Valdes, who plays Cisco (a.k.a. Vibe) on CW's The Flash, and he was nothing but a big tease!

On the show, Cisco has only recently come to terms with his meta-human abilities, but as we saw in Team Flash's journey to Earth-2, Vibe hasn't even begun to tap into his powers on Earth-1, where he's limited to vibe-ing into the future of sorts. In the DC comic universe, Vibe can do a lot, like emit powerful sonic vibration waves, and possesses strong seismic abilities as well. So, will we see Vibe reach his full potential in Season 2? Carlos teased to us that we will see a little more about what Vibe can do this season, and because of that, he's excited for fans to see the next few episodes!

And, as Vibe gets stronger, no doubt he will face unforeseen challenges like, oh say, a nemesis? Cisco's Vibe is a very unique meta-human, and in the comics he meets a number of enemies, so is there one in the near future? Carlos was mum on revealing too many details on Vibe's future on the show, but his response did leave us hanging on the edge of our seat! When we asked him about the possibility of Vibe's arch-enemies coming into play, he teased:

"I don't know, but let's just say I'm REALLY excited for Season 3!"

CARLOS! You can't leave us hanging like that! But, alas, you did. Seriously how awesome would it be to see Vibe tune into his most powerful abilities, and then be faced with an enemy only he can defeat? I am so ready for this! The Flash Season 3 is confirmed as a go, so it sounds like we have a LOT to look forward to on the Cisco front, and we can totally vibe with that!

Big thanks to Moviepilot Creators and Carlos Valdes for an amazing time at Heroes and Villains Chicago! Carlos, you da man!

Carlos touched my shoulder, and we vibed!
Carlos touched my shoulder, and we vibed!

'The Flash' Returns Tuesday, March 22nd at 8/7c with 'Trajectory'!


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