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Out of place and uncomfy movie reviews
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If i said this was my first Shyamalan film that would be a lie. If i said all of his films were spectacular after unbreakable that would also be a lie. And im not talking about the 2 movies he made before the Sixth Sense either. I'm not saying that The Sixth Sense is the only god movie made by M. Night because... you know unbreakable was pretty okay too. But even The Sixth Sense has its fair share of flaws. I'm also aware that a lot of people have exploited this and will probably do so a lot better than me because im only an ameture to this. Anyways onto the point.

Do you remember this scene in the movie?

Yeah, so in the movie it establishes that the ghosts of the dead dont really know their dead and just walk around like they would if they were living. A good example of this is when the ghost of the sick girl is in the little tent fortress with little Cole and she pukes yadda yadda you know the scene its a famous scene what am i supposed to say about it? Anyways the point is that it shows that the dead person doesn't know their actually dead? So why are these hanging folk not walking around like normal? I feel like the director put this in there just to give us an extra scare or something, which (dont get me wrong here) i appreciate but it it really takes me out of the movie. And millions of people have died in the past so would it just be a clusterfuck of ghosts hanging around and clouding his vision? Maybe they disappear after a while but if that was true why would the hanging family still be there? Really, by their clothing it looks like their from at least the 1600's? is that not enough time for this "Ghost decay" stuff to happen? Whats going on with this? Just these little continuity errors get to me, you can call it nitpicking or whatever that's why i couldn't really enjoy the visit like i wanted too. Uh, that's about it. Good movie, confusing shit.


hey did you know i have a youtube because i do and im currently working on a review of the babadook so dont go anywhere you...fucking shits.


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