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Singer/Songwriter - Sandy Martin

There is no boundaries of music when you’re in a state of perpetual inspiration. When you constantly breath endless lyrics that last in songs forever. This is definitely the case with Sandy Martin. A small town girl that grew into a woman with a powerful voice and impeccable writing skills. With hundreds of songs written and published, not to mention over 20 songs under her belt in TV & Film. Here’s a glimpse into her heartfelt passion for music and more.

Sandy packed her bags and headed for Hollywood to pursue her dream in the music industry. Armed with natural born talent, blessed with the voice of an angel and a sturdy foundation of musical fundamentals instilled by her loving mother. In the early years while waiting tables, Sandy spent time taking vocal lessons and polishing her song writing skills. It’s been a long trip since then with a long list of highly commendable names she has worked with, such as Will Smith, Jimmy Iovene, Robin Thicke, Derek Bramble, and even Platinum artist Rod Stewart. Sandy was asked to sing backup vocals for Rod Stewart. She headed to New York with Rod and his band performing on David Letterman, Good Morning America, The Rosie O'Donnel Show and many more. After the tour was over Sandy began working on her own album with co-writer Brent Woods. After the songs were written, Sandy and Brent formed the band and recorded the album with 14 Grammy Award Winner Thom Russo (Audioslave, Macy Gray). Sandy's Pop/Rock record can be purchased on Sandy's itunes at:

When asked of Sandy, "Are you happy that you made the choice to head to Hollywood years ago?" She replied, "I always knew deep inside that artistry was my destiny because it stimulates my soul so I don't think I really had a choice. Yes it's hard to be away from my family and friends, but this is what I do, what I'm best at and who I am.” Sandy's imagination is like a volcano & she continues to successfully write songs for countless projects of all genres and she says that she always will. Sandy is also co-creator of world famous TRIPPY The Clown.

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Photo of Sandy Martin by: John Calpin
Photo of Sandy Martin by: John Calpin

Some Of Sandy's Mesmerizing Videos

Sandy Martin has countless projects out there. Look her up for endless interesting things.


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