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The second half of Season 3's of Marvel's [Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.](tag:722469) is off to a great start and follows the events of the first half where Terrigen Mist has been released into the environment and found its way into the food chain. Anyone with the Inhuman gene who ingests some Nature Max Fish Oil capsules will undergo Terrageneisis. This poses a problem. What was once a very selective and controlled process is now unchecked with potentially dozens of Inhumans waiting to come into existence - which is making many people on the show feel uneasy.

As the team goes around the world looking for new Inhumans to recruit for the super-powered Secret Warriors team, the question of how much government control and monitoring is raised. World leaders see these people as a threat and a necessity in a growing arms race. As the new season explores many of the premises of the upcoming [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409), it is possible that the TV show could influence the movie in some way or, perhaps, influence the direction the Cinematic Universe will take with the upcoming Inhumans movie?

The World sees the Inhumans as a Threat

World leaders are (understandably) afraid. At the Taipei Symposium, Phil Coulson (Clark Gregg) argues that the Inhumans are not aliens, but human. Unfortunately, Coulson's arguments are unsuccessful. While the delegation sees the Inhumans as a threat, they also see them as potential weapons that need to be controlled.

Seeing an entire group of people as dangerous, and wanting to control them because they possess a particular gene, is only going to alienate that group. The upcoming Civil War movie centers around a similar theme. World leaders are meeting to discuss the issue, meaning this is a major concern. It is possible this will spill over in Civil War.

Not Everyone on in SHIELD thinks Inhumans should be Controlled

From the start of the show, we have seen Daisy Johnson (Chloe Bennet) evolve from a directionless hacker to a fully-fledged team member. The discovery that she is Inhuman has also added to the character's journey. Daisy loves being an Inhuman and believes that others, like her, should be given the same chance to "evolve." She also believes that Inhumans should be given the choice on whether to reveal themselves to the world or not.

Her teammate Lincoln Campbell (Luke Mitchell) does not see things the way Daisy does. Lincoln enjoyed the seclusion that Afterlife, the Inhuman settlement, affords, and believed that Inhumans should live in secrecy. The destruction of the Inhuman settlement means that is no longer possible.

Daisy's views are similar to Captain America's. While Lincoln's views do not exactly align with either Captain America's or Iron Man's, being part of a new super-powered team, Secret Warriors, is going to cause some conflict in the future. It is possible this team could get a passing mention in the film.

There is a Cure

In Season 2, Carl Creel (Brian Patrick Wade), also known as the Absorbing Man, touched the Kree Obelisk and was seemingly turned permanently to stone. It turns out that Creel's absorbing power is the key to a cure for the Inhuman gene.

While the rest of the team are excited by this discovery, Daisy is not too happy. She may not be happy that her people can be "cured" but it raises the point that others may not want to be an Inhuman or have super powers even after undergoing TerrIgenesis. This probably would not make it to Civil War but it could play a part in the Inhumans film.

The Inhuman Outbreak

With the spread of Terrigen Mist in fish oil, there are going to be a lot more Inhumans being revealed. Marvel's Agents of SHIELD inhabits the same world as the movies; a world that is afraid of people with superpowers. We see this sentiment being played out the Netflix series Daredevil and Jessica Jones. While it is possible for the events in Agents of SHIELD to spill over into Civil War, it does not have to. That does not mean the TV show woould not affect the upcoming movie.

What may happen is the conflict between Inhumans and humans may play out in a larger story arc that is affected by the outcome of Civil War. Could this mean that Civil War will not end happily for anyone? What is definite is the outcome of Civil War will affect the TV series in the same way it affects all the properties in the Marvel Cinematic Universe and we can be sure this leads up to the upcoming Inhumans movie in 2019

Captain America: Civil War can be seen in theatres from 6th May, 2016. Watch the trailer below:


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