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Teddy Sears a.k.a. Jay "Zoom" Garrick on 'The Flash' revealed he has no idea who the person he's put in the mask is!


At Heroes and Villains fan fest this weekend The Flash's Teddy Sears dropped a bomb, revealing he is as clueless as us about who the man under the mask is! In fact, he suspects none of the cast know yet, as the show refuses to let the season's biggest mystery out of the bag. Jay Garrick was revealed to be the evil speedster terrorizing Central City, Zoom, in the last episode of The Flash, leaving fans clueless as to who it is he is keeping prisoner in his Earth-2 lair, where he at one point held Barry Allen as well. Teddy revealed:

TS: "I don't know who that person is, I don't know if anyone in the cast knows who that person is! I literally have no idea...or who that actor is. I could open the script for episode 23 and find out that it's me! You never know!"
MP: So the show probably wants it to be organic when it's revealed?
TS: "100 percent, I think they want it to be another really great reveal, I just don't know who it is!"
TS: "Zoom loves being in control, he loves having power. He's sort of a quiet bully. He's taking power over this person by obscuring his identity. The emotions, I think, are relishing power over this person. Maybe he's threatened by him (the masked man)."

Hmmmm, this is certainly a puzzle! The Flash Season 2 feels like it's just getting started with the reveal of Zoom, and with all the different Earths in play now, the masked man could be any version of anyone! There are so many unanswered questions still, how will Caitlin react to Jay's true identity? Can they save the man in the mask? There was ALWAYS something fishy about Jay's presence on the show, so bravo to Teddy Sears for his incredible dual performance!

'The Flash' returns March 22nd at 8/7c!


Who's the man in the mask?!


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