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The Big Bang Theory is by far one of television's most popular and well received sitcoms of all time. It is by far one of primetime's smartest written shows, making sure that every scientific and nerdy fact is correct and makes sense to a wide audience. But for a show that is so careful about facts, there are still many things that fans have yet to find out about the show itself. The show has been on the air for nearly nine season, and fans have yet to find out some of the most basic facts about their favorite characters, like what is Penny's maiden name or who is her mother, and who is Howard's dad? But in the season 9 finale, fans are finally going to meet one of the main characters' parents.

Judd Hirsch, famous for his work on the 1978 TV series Taxi and the Independence Day films, has been cast to play Leonard Hofstadter's father, and will be making his first appearance on the show on the May 12. Not much is known about Leonard's father, like his name, but what has been alluded to is that this finale will be the first part of a storyline that will be concluded with the premiere of season 10, which was hinted at to The Hollywood Reporter by show runner Steve Molaro.

What is known from the show so far is that Leonard's father is a doctor of anthropology. He is also divorced from Leonard's psychiatrist mother Beverly, played by Christine Baranski, who has yet to be confirmed for the finale.

The Big Bang Theory Season 9 Finale aires on Thursday, May 12.

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