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Disney recently announced that everyone's favorite action hero, the incomparable Indiana Jones, as portrayed by that stupendous actor Harrison Ford, will be returning to grace our screens once again in 2019 with Steven Spielberg attached as director for the franchise's fifth installment. But the biggest question, (aside from whether or not Shia LaBeouf will reprise his role as Indy's wayward son Henry Walton "Mutt" Jones III), is, of course, what will Indy be searching for in this film? After all, he doesn't just go running off to far-away places all willy-nilly without any regard for actual archeological protocol... oh, wait. That's exactly what he does. So, that being said, what are some possible archeological finds big enough to drag our intrepid Doctor Jones back out of retirement? Since this is the franchise's fifth film, I decided to pick five potential treasures Indy could be searching for!

1) Atlantis

Yes, this is an obvious one, but I'm honestly surprised that it hasn't already happened. The legend of Atlantis is perhaps one of the greatest archeological arguments of all time. Whether or not the city actually existed is still hotly debated. One would expect that such an important archeological site would be pretty high on Indy's list, but apparently not. That said, will Indy be searching for the legendary lost city in his new movie?

2) The Nazi Gold Train

The fabled "Nazi Gold Train" is perhaps one of the greatest legends to arise in the wake of the Second World War. The story goes that the Nazis, fearing, (and justly so), that they were going to lose the war, determined to steal as much gold, jewelry, and works of art as they possibly could. According to the story, the stolen goods were placed aboard a train, which promptly drove into the Polish mountains and was never seen again. As of last year, two men claimed to have located what they believe to be the train, though archeologists still argue over whether or not it actually existed in the first place. Given Indy's history with the Nazi party in Raiders as well as Last Crusade, having Indy search for the gold train would be a fresh and original plot, and yet one which would possess very obvious links to the original films.

3) The Seven Cities of Cibola

Cibola in National Treasure 2
Cibola in National Treasure 2

Yes, the National Treasure franchise already used the premise of searching for the City of Gold, but when you consider the time period this film will likely be set in, (the mid-1960's, which was the height of the Cold War), it perfectly paves the way for us to see Indiana Jones be dragged out of retirement by government agents who want him to locate the Seven Cities of Cibola before the Communists do. Using this premise, Disney would have to tread carefully to avoid doing things that might interfere with National Treasure's success.

4) Noah's Ark

How apropos would it be to have Indy's (likely) final film to have him searching for a lost Biblical artifact just as he was in his first big screen adventure? If Indy were to search for Noah's Ark, the series would truly have come full circle and would definitely end on a high note. Noah's Ark remains undiscovered to this day, but if there's anyone out there who could find it, it's Indiana Jones.

5) Confederate Gold

It is commonly believed that the Confederates, fearing to lose the Civil War, hid large amounts of gold, (both in coinage and bullion), which was never located or thereafter accounted for. Many different people have searched for it over the years, but to this day, there is no proof that it ever existed to begin with. A Confederate gold cache would make an ideal target for the Communists in the 1960's, in order to help fund their military and space endeavors. Indy could be brought out of retirement to find the gold before the Soviets and have to constantly stay one step ahead of them.

But the real question is, what do YOU think Indy should be hunting in Indiana Jones 5?


What should Indy be looking for in the new film?


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