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Will we see The Phantom back on the big screen? In a cinematic universe already saturated with superheroes is there room for The Phantom? Fans across the world definitely think so and it appears they may not be alone. In the past decade Warner Bros., Paramount, Mark Gordon and even Billy Zane himself have all expressed interest in rebooting the film with 20th Century FOX rumored to be the current frontrunner for the project.

That was until now; we have learnt a new player has recently launched a bold bid for a new multi picture franchise based on the Phantom comics. While the exact details of the proposal are being kept under wraps its believed the films will have a minimum budget of $150 million, almost three times that of the 1996 film and six times the box office take. Filming looks likely to take place in New York and Melbourne with other locations to still be confirmed. The storyline is said to embrace classic elements of the comic while modernizing the characters to ensure something for the diehard Phantom fan and those new to the character.

It’s safe to say with such a blockbuster budget the producers must have an A-list cast in mind for the franchise. So you wouldn’t be surprised to hear names like Keanu Reeves, Gerard Butler, Joe Manganiello or even Travis Fimmel connected with the lead role but what about Jason Segel? While no official offer has been made don’t be surprised if you start to hear Segel’s name associated with the reboot. Now, I know what you’re thinking Segel is a funny man and doesn’t exactly scream action hero but consider his huge 6’ 4” frame with a Gerard Butler 300 style workout. He would certainly cut an intimidating figure to say the least but combined with his humor and timing then he might just be the right balance of serious and funny to help bring The Phantom into the modern era.

When The Phantom is officially announced will we see stars lobby to play the Ghost Who Walks or will we the cast already be attached? Whatever happens, anything less than a box office smash would surely sink The Phantom for good. Have your say, vote in our Phantom Poll.


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