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Suitable to the occasion, I find myself sitting in a Parisian style cafe in Hollywood, over a cup of espresso, a cigarette and an assortment of classic French desserts with my favourite up and coming French director Guillaume Campanacci and the Sarajevan actress in his new film Vedrana Egon.

They are both epitome of culture, grace and style and quite a sight for my sore eyes, I must admit. There is this aura of the French New Wave that lingers around them, a perfect balance of depth and playfulness and once you engage them in a conversation you find their chemistry, passion and love for the cinema quite touching and intoxicating.

A Toupee and a Gun has already been filmed and they are running a very successful IndieGoGo Campaign:

Proust Questionnaire:

Your idea of perfect happiness?

G: Knowing that my family is taken care of and happy

V: Any time champagne, good food, company and arts are involved

Your greatest fear?

G: Sharks

V: Death

The trait you most deplore in yourself?

G: Fear of sharks

V: Fear of death

Which living person do you most admire?

G: Vedrana

V: Mother

Your greatest extravagance?

G: Champagne

V: My life

Current state of mind?

G: Tired

V: Pregnant

Most overrated virtue?

G: Masculinity

V: Pride

On what occasion do you lie?

G: When I answer interviews

V: Always

What do you most dislike about your appearance?

G: Dark circles under my eyes

V: At times I read a bit more mean than I intend to be

Word/s you most overuse

G: Amazing

V: Lalalalala, fuck

Greatest love of your life?

G: Cinema

V: Music

Which talent would you like to posses?

G: To be able to play piano or guitar

V: To be a ballet dancer, learn languages easily, to be able to draw, paint

Greatest achievement?

G: My next step

V: Staying sane during the wartime

If you were to die and come back as a person or a thing, who would it be?

G: Myself

V: Myself

Where would you most like to live?

G: By the sea

V: Paris, always Paris

What is your most treasured possession?

G: My ray-bans

V: My grandmother's engagement ring

Lowest depth of misery?

G: Dying of cold

V: Living in fear

Favourite occupation?

G: Writing movies in front of the sea with a chilled bottle of champagne

V: Artist

Most marked characteristic?

G: Determination

V: Perseverance

Favourite characters in history?

G: Rousseau, Tesla, Einstein

V: Nikola Tesla

Favourite fictional characters?

G: Tom Ripley

V: Don Quixote

What do you most dislike?

G: Stupidity, high pitched voices

V: War, ignorance, hatred, snobbery, high pitched voices

How would you like to die?

G: Jumping out of the plane into the sea without the parachute to be eaten by a shark

V: In my sleep, while making love, standing

Your motto?

G: I only came with my knife and my dick

V: Always more curious than desperate/

There is a crack in everything that's how the light gets in

Favourite curse word?

G: Putain

V: Fuck

Favourite Word?

G: Résistance

V: Peculiar

Favourite animal?

G: Shark

V: Wolf

Greatest regret?

G: Being too smart for my own good

V: Having regrets

Collaboration and future projects:

Our love for cinema, particularly the French New Wave, and similar aesthetic sensibilities were undeniable from the start and the collaboration quickly produced a full feature script we co-penned, a drama about friendship, love triangle and the ultimate Greek tragedy titled We Used To Be Young Together, that we are looking to produce and star in.

We are currently finishing two more feature scripts; an unconventional love story and what is to be a vampire-revenge flick. Both will be shot in the South of France, and we are very excited to start filming them.


The rest of the conversation remains private or a perfect inspiration for my new book.

Catch you later, kids.

Just remember where you heard it first. These two will make history in no time.

You are welcome.

I am in love.


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