BySkylar Johnson, writer at
I love/read all kinds of comics. I just love everything Marvel & DC.

I'm going to start my article with this: It's been a little over a year since I've started reading comics. Meaning I don't know that much about comics. Just what I've seen in the animated movies & the animated tv shows & the live action movies & the live action tv shows. And also the comics that I've actually read. So without further adieu, let's begin. As much as I love Batman, he can't beat Superman unless he uses Kryptonite against him. That's basically Superman's only weakness. Well that's if you don't count Clark Kent's family and friends. If Batman really wanted to beat Superman, he could go after Clark's family. But I honesty don't think he would go that far. Now Superman he can easily take Batman out if he really wanted too. But I don't think he would, so most likely the fight would end in a draw.

If Batman v Superman, goes by the comic book that some of it's plot is taken from, than Batman would most likely win. But since most movies which are based on a comic or a novel are usually quite different from it's source material, so changes are made for the film version. So Superman might in fact win in this version. If we take Superman's powers into play, then yes Superman would win.


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