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Even as a baby, Bindi Sue Irwin was in the spotlight. From appearances as a child on her father's hit Australian series The Crocodile Hunter to her own triumphs last season on Dancing With The Stars, the 17-year-old has literally grown up on camera.

Take a look through some of the cutest moments Bindi has shared with us over the years, from tiny baby to eco warrior teen:

I love you so much. And miss you every day.

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Bindi Sue Irwin was born July 24, 1998 on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, and right from the moment she entered the world she was being filmed (skip ahead to the 7 minute, 25 second mark)!

According to Steve Irwin, the name "Bindi" is an Australian Aboriginal word that means "young girl" and Bindi's middle name "Sue" was in honor of her father's beloved dog Sui, who frequently appeared on The Crocodile Hunter.

Bindi grew up with her parents Terri and Steve and younger brother Bob at Australia Zoo and, during much of her childhood, appeared on her father's various TV series, including The Crocodile Hunter, The Crocodile Hunter Diaries and Croc Files.

On September 4, 2006 Bindi's father Steve was killed by a stingray barb while filming for Bindi's TV show Bindi The Jungle Girl.

Though she lost her father at such a young age, Bindi carried on his legacy and has continued to do a lot of work for environmental causes. In 2007, she became a tourism ambassador for Australia.

In 2008 at age nine, Bindi won a Daytime Emmy Award for her work in Bindi The Jungle Girl, making her the youngest person to ever win a Daytime Emmy.

Following on from her nature documentary series, in 2010 Bindi jumped into acting, appearing as Kirra in Free Willy: Escape From Pirate's Cove. She later followed this up with the main role in Return To Nim's Island.

In 2014 Bindi was rewarded for her hard work for the environment when she was named Young Conservationist Of The Year by the Australian Geographic Society.

In 2015 Bindi took on a slightly different role than usual when she signed up to be a competitor of Season 21 of Dancing With The Stars.

Eventually, after 11 weeks and a record eight perfect scores, Bindi was victorious on the show, and she and dance partner Derek Hough came away with the winner's mirrorball in hand.

Following on from her win on Dancing With The Stars, Bindi has been enjoying time with both her family and with her boyfriend Chandler Powell, a wakeboarder from Seffner, Florida.

Though we're not sure what's next for the teen conservationist, if her first 17 years are any indication, it'll be something pretty big.

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