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For every movie they take on, actors and actresses have to assume a certain personality in order to bring their complex characters to life. Yet, sometimes it takes more than an adjustment of temperament to give depth to a role — sometimes Hollywood talent's transformations have to be physical.

Here are 7 celebrity examples that show just how much some stars are committed to their performances:

1. Brad Pitt in 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'

In the movie, Brad Pitt ages backwards (with a sensational bit in the middle where he is a top babe!), undergoing numerous CGI and makeup transformations to show him at every stage of life — everything from an elderly man to a wailing baby.

2. Tom Cruise in 'Tropic Thunder'

When Tropic Thunder came out, many viewers didn't even notice that Tom Cruise was in it. Yet, indeed, the actor starred as soda-addicted Les Grossman, for which he slipped into a fat suit, a bald wig and wore prosthetic hands. Check out the unsettling result:

3. Gwyneth Paltrow in 'Shallow Hal'

For the role, Gwyneth had to cast aside her green smoothies and vaginal steaming sessions to gain over 100 pounds in weight.

Joke! Who are we kidding — as if dear P-dawg would do such a thing. Nope, instead the actress donned a podgy fat suit to play the love interest of Hal in the 2001 rom-com.

4. John Travolta in 'Hairspray'

For Edna, not only did John Travolta have to wear a fat suit to belt out those tunes for the musical extravaganza, but he also had to play a woman. For every day on set, the actor had to spend at least five hours in the make artist's chair. And he was so committed to the role that he even wore high heels in some of the scenes!

5. Selma Blair in 'A Dirty Shame'

As Ursula Udders, Selma Blair was always going to have to embrace a pair of hefty prosthetic breasts to really give her all to the role. Apparently, the nude version of the plastic bosoms cost a whopping $5000 and took four hours of makeup to perfect.

6. Tom Hanks in 'Castaway'

Of his 50lb weight loss for the role, Tom Hanks once said:

"The hardest thing was the time. I wish I could have just taken a pill and lost all the weight but the reality was that I had to start in October knowing that we were going to go back in February. The idea of looking at four months of constant vigilance as far as what I ate, as well as two hours a day in the gym doing nothing but a monotonous kind of workout, that was formidable. You have to power yourself through it almost by some sort of meditation trickery. It’s not glamorous.”

7. Rebecca Romijn in 'X-Men'

To achieve Mystique's unique look, Rebecca Romijn had to spend hours in makeup for artists to cover her body in hundreds of small silicon prosthetics and a ton of body paint. And thankfully, all of this was worth it!

Which body transformation shocked you the most?


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