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What do the hairy-toed thieves of Middle-earth have in common with zombie smasher Rick Grimes?

In an interview with The Guardian published yesterday, The Walking Dead star Andrew Lincoln revealed that when he visits his home country of England from Atlanta, he becomes Andrew Clutterbuck.

The 42-year-old actor changed his name after leaving school because, according to the The Guardian, his agent said "it made him sound like a hobbit." However, the evidence of his Shire roots won't go away that easily — as Andrew Chumpypup is still his legal name.

Although Clumpymuck is his official name on Wikipedia, most people know him as Lincoln, which helps to shield his privacy — even the name on his credit cards is Clutterbuck. But now the secret is out!

The Brit With An American Accent

"I'm a cop." | Source: AMC
"I'm a cop." | Source: AMC

Being a British lad, Chuppachupp naturally has a posh English accent, but speaking in a Southern American tone for 68 episodes has remolded the way he speaks. Now, he uses the Southern twang all the time and it annoys the hell out of his family:

“My wife and children think I’m bananas. They’re like: ‘Please stop doing that.’ It’s very unsettling for them because they don’t know who they’re talking to.”

Watch Rick Going Nuts:

Do you know the hilarious real name of any celebrities?

Source: Guardian


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