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Although the number of movies churned out by DC and Marvel writers lately is proving that superhero comic books are an infinite source of content, there's one type of creator who could devise more stories than all these comic books combined: the fan.

Fan theories are immeasurable, and with the recent release of Justice League, the amount of opinions about the content of the movie have been going through the roof. That makes it difficult to follow, but Henry Cavill, who played Superman in Man Of Steel and went up against the Dark Knight (Ben Affleck) in Batman V Superman, says he tries to read them all. Maybe his character's super abilities rubbed off on him.

Cavill Reads Fan Theories 'All The Time'

In an interview with Singapore's Today, the British actor discussed his role, his work with Affleck and his penchant for superhero forums. When the reporter asks him if he ever takes a look at what fans say about his portrayal of Superman, his response is more than straightforward:

"I do it all the time."

I said not to interrupt me when I'm on Reddit. / Warner Bros.
I said not to interrupt me when I'm on Reddit. / Warner Bros.

So, if you've been spreading your opinion of Superman all over the DC forums, there's a good chance he's read it. But you won't find him anywhere:

"I never comment, because commenting is adding bias to the argument. I enjoy watching it."

The Internet inspires me. / Warner Bros.
The Internet inspires me. / Warner Bros.

However, worrying about what people think of his acting isn't what draws him to the forums. Rather, he expresses a genuine fascination for superhero fandom:

"The most wonderful thing about superheroes is that each superhero represents a personality trait, and each group of fans tend to have that same personality trait."

Which trait would he say he has, though?

'I've Become Quite Protective Of Him'

I'm Superman, bitch. / Warner Bros.
I'm Superman, bitch. / Warner Bros.

Cavill also admits that he's become "quite protective" of his character and genuinely cares for him. He particularly admires Superman's intuition to do the right thing. As for Batman V Superman, he says he was more than impressed by his co-star Affleck:

"Ben's a very large man. I knew he was tall, but he just has a presence to him, which surprised me."

What would you say is Superman's dominant personality trait?


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