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Ajay Pilaniya

If the set of this Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead looked familiar, that's because it was featured in a pretty popular horror film: Saw.

When Carol and Maggie were held hostage by the Saviors in their hideout, the room they were initially locked in was the very same room used for most of first movie in the Saw franchise.

Yep, that's right . It is the same room that was used in SAW - First Movie.

As spotted by The Walking Dead Twitter account, that's the room in which Adam and Lawrence were locked inside of and forced to sever their own legs in back in 2004. It's a possibility that the entire facility was actually the set of the hallways in the same facility seen in the later installments of the Saw franchise.

But what is more interesting to know is that , does this mean The Walking Dead exists in SAWUniverse?

What do you think?


What do you think?


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