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The series has been on the air for nine seasons, but The Big Bang Theory has finally announced that Independence Day actor Judd Hirsch has been cast in the role of Leonard's dad for an upcoming episode!

Judd Hirsch
Judd Hirsch

The announcement was made during Wednesday's PaleyFest panel in LA, with Johnny Galecki (Leonard) confirming that he actually played a part in Hirsch being cast. Galecki told the audience:

"I met this fellow a month or two ago and he's a hero of mine and I knew that he was a hero of Chuck [Lorre] and Bill [Prady's], so I just accosted him and cornered him and practically made him commit on the spot to play my father. I'm really excited about it. It's going to be a lot of fun."

Nice work, Johnny!

Despite the series being on the air for so long, relatively few details about Leonard's dad have been given on the show. However, we do know that he is an anthropologist, and that he and Leonard's mom, Beverly, were divorced after he cheated on her with a waitress from the Princeton cafeteria. Add in the fact that he withheld affection from Leonard as a child and you've got a recipe for a very interesting relationship!

And despite the fact that The Big Bang Theory has introduced many characters' family members over the series, executive producer Steve Molaro recently told Entertainment Tonight that the show is "open to meeting" even more family members. "There's so many family members that we haven't met yet," Molaro said. "Penny's Mom, Leonard's dad, Penny's brother — which is a great one that I'm interested in — Sheldon's brother, and Howard's dad is floating around out there."

Yes! Bring on all the family members!

Are you excited to finally see Leonard's dad on screen?

Edit note: an earlier version incorrectly stated that it was Leonard Hirsch taking of the role of, this has now been amended to Judd Hirsch.

Source: ET Online


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