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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
Meghann Elisa

We knew we recognized something about Sunday's episode of The Walking Dead! As confirmed by the show's official Twitter account last night, the set of the Saviors' hideout was in fact inspired by the cult classic horror movie Saw.

The 13th episode of Season 6, "The Same Boat," definitely proved unlucky for Carol and Maggie when they were taken hostage by members of Negan's group the Saviors. After being ambushed and taken to a slaughterhouse, the pair were gagged, bound and locked away in a makeshift cell — which a lot of fans on Twitter seemed to recollect:

And it's not surprising that so many cottoned on to the Saw theme; take a look at both sets, side by side.

If you're still not convinced, The Walking Dead's official Twitter account has confirmed that the room in the episode could well have been the same room that Adam and Lawrence found themselves locked in back in 2004.

However, thanks to a dousing of gasoline and a cigarette, Maggie and Carol were spared from severing their own limbs:

It's entirely possible that the set used for the episode was the same one employed in the later installments of the Saw franchise. TWD Twitter even posted a cheeky hint before the episode aired last week:

So the real question that remains, of course, is: Are the producers slyly indicating that Saw and The Walking Dead exist together in the same universe? Or is this just another one of the many Easter Eggs they like to throw into the show now and then?

Did you spot the set resemblance to 'Saw' in Sunday night's episode?


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