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'Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?'
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Long before Facebook hit the big time, there was another strong player that dominated the social media game. The site I'm talking about, of course, is Myspace.

Since its peak days in the early noughties, Myspace has seen a steady decline and sadly for them, the teens of today will never experience the battle over top eights, the competition to get the most comments or the all-important choice of which song should be the soundtrack to your profile.

And we weren't the only ones to get it so very wrong — a lot of celebrities weren't so media saavy back then either. Unfortunately for them, the Internet never forgets, and really, to delete these old gems would be a crime. Here are some of the best long lost profiles of our favorite stars.

The Princesses

1. Kim Kardashian

2. Nicki Minaj

The Artists ()

3. Lana Del Rey

4. Lady Gaga

The Hot Messes

5. Kesha

6. Katy Perry

The Kids

7. Harry Styles

8. Kendall and Kylie Jenner

The Geeks

9. Taylor Swift

Her bio in 2007 was:

I play a 12-string guitar, and have since I was 12. I’m a songwriter first and foremost, and I have never written anything I didn’t mean. I am obsessed with lyrics. I love Tennessee. And talking to people. I was born on December 13th, 1989. Thirteen is my lucky number. I can tell you some REALLY weird coincidences that involve that number.. Long story short, 13 is good. I am the most competetive person I know. I never really got into sports, so I guess you could say music is my game. I love people who are nice to me, I’ve never been one to say things like “All you people think you know me, well you don’t”. I’m not that complicated. My complications come out in my songs. All you need to do to be my friend is like me. I don’t wear high heels alot because I’m afraid of falling in front of large groups of people. My middle name is Alison. I’m most comfortable in dresses, not old faded blue jeans—surprisingly. I sing country music, I am obsessed with that too. I guess you kinda have to be. I have beautiful friends. Be one. I really like it when people tell me they like my music, it’s everything I’ve got so it really means alot to me. I’m really weird sometimes, but you are too. I’ve never been the kind of girl who needs a boyfriend. I don’t go out looking for guys. But then again, I don’t write alot of love songs. Basically.. I’m single. I love pictures, I have a bunch of them hung up in my bus bunk. Because you can’t forget where you came from. I need everything to be organized. All the time. I think little kids are awesome. I’m just going to warn you now: If you start a conversation about Law and Order: SVU or CSI with me, we will be talking for at least an hour. I consider myself an expert on those two things.. only those two things. I love trucks. They are works of art. I’m a thinker and an over-analyzer. I’m 5’11. I’m not jaded. And to all the people who have ever blasted my songs from their car stereo, thank you from the bottom of my heart.




10. Aubrey Plaza

The King

11. Tom Hardy (NSFW...)

His bio read:

“I’m Grateful, arrogant self centred, tenacious, versatile, honest, honourable, loyal, loving, gentle, consistent, reliable, focussed, prideful, passionate and nuts. I have a head like a disco ball.

I could so easily be dead. My head is like a dangerous neighbourhood I should never be in it without an appropriate adult. left to my own devices I’ll crash the motor. I am a goldfish walking through a desert.”

Who do you think has the most to be embarrassed about?


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