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Grimy imprisonment bathrooms are ten a penny, but did you spot a rather well known one in last week's episode of The Walking Dead? For those thinking, "that looks familiar", you're right. The room in which Carol and Maggie were held in episode 13 "The Same Boat" is THE bathroom from Saw.

For fans of the horror franchise you will know that back in 2004 this is the room where Dr. Gordon and Adam were imprisoned. It is also the bathroom where that infamous 'foot' scene from Saw took place. This week the blood flowed again as it became the final resting place for some of Negan's Saviors. Is this a nod to the long rumoured Saw reboot, or could executive producer Greg Nicotero be saying that the two universes are connected?

Probably no to both! Just like episode 12's surprise appearance of a Johnny Depp head, it was a blink and you miss it eater egg. Luckily The Walking Dead Twitter account was eagle eyed enough to spot this little bit of fan trivia.

There are now only three episodes left until the shocking finale of season six and Steven Yeun has already said that the arrival of the aforementioned Negan is 'f*****g awesome' . We are promised more violence than your average Saw film and personally I cannot wait to see who doesn't make it to the next season alive.

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