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TRIPPY The Clown, he with the red nose, green hair, tattoos, loud mouth, has invaded the hearts and minds of our nation.

TRIPPY is loud, vulgar, constantly drinking while driving, he makes phony phone calls, total disregard for authority and is constantly in trouble. If it is not Metal or Horror, he wants nothing to do with it. TRIPPY is every teacher's nightmare. In fact, a few educators across the country have declared war on this little menace. But wait! TRIPPY The Clown isn't even real, or is he?

TRIPPY has a daily growing cult of followers that is like a big gang ranging in all ages. TRIPPY has a wide variety of talents across the artistic spectrum. He has a heavy metal album that is hot on iTunes, he plasters Youtube with short comedy skits and short horror films and also has brushes with celebrities. His Hollywood acclaimed newest short horror film which is gathering national attention now titled "TRIPPY The Serial Killer" is very bizarre to say the least. He also hops up on stage and helps host a Rock show called "Ultimate Jam Night" every Tuesday night at the world famous "Whiskey A Go-Go". The list goes on of this little clown's projects.

Schools Are Taking Action On TRIPPY The Clown Shirts

The students who have dared to wear TRIPPY The Clown T-shirts to school have had their fashion statement squelched more quickly than they can say "TRIPPY." They've been forced to wear it inside-out - or arrange for a change of clothing. School administrators say they can ban the shirts because they are "inappropriate" messages on clothing and TRIPPY is a bad influence. The shirts feature a likeness of the rambunctious clown.

A spokesman for a Junior High School, said a few students tried to wear the shirts to class, but were forced to call their parents and have them bring a change of clothes.

"The school policy is that when a message on clothing crosses the lines of obscenity and vulgarity, or when there is the possibility it could be offensive, it is banned". Every other word out of TRIPPY The Clown's mouth is an "F" bomb or talking about drinking and smoking which is considered counterproductive by elementary school principals. They also say that TRIPPY The Clown T-shirts "have no place in school and they give the children a bad image".

TRIPPY'S Response

When TRIPPY was asked about being accountable for his influence on the youth, all he said was "Yes, I am under the influence". and he walked away... Then he turned around and said

"Don't you have nothing better to do than tell kids what to wear"?

Professional Opinions Towards TRIPPY The Clown

At the Illinois offices of the National Coalition on Television Violence, the TV watchdogs worry that "a lot of damaging messages can be drawn from TRIPPY The Clown," said Brian Sullivan, the coalition's director of television monitoring. John Fiske wholeheartedly agrees. A professor of communication arts at the University of Wisconsin in Madison, and author of Understanding Popular Culture, Fiske said, "It's ridiculous to get upset about it." Some of his smartest students wear the "TRIPPY The Clown" T-shirt. TRIPPY "hasn't generated disrespect of authority," Fiske said. "Teenagers have always been that way. This merely enables them to make a fashionable statement of it." TRIPPY acts the way they wish they could, but know they can't. Yet, some say they personally considered the "TRIPPY" shirts pretty harmless. One teacher says, "I don't think children out there are aspiring to be TRIPPY The Clown." Another says, "It's a puppet and that raises some very interesting ideas about what is reality for a young mind and an old mind."

TRIPPY The Clown promotional picture
TRIPPY The Clown promotional picture

In Conclusion TRIPPY resonates with people because they can live through his crazy adventurous life vicariously. But authority figures everywhere, beware: There's potential for the pot to be stirred again when a TRIPPY The Clown action figure arrives on the market, TRIPPY creators Tim Phoenix and Sandy Martin say are coming soon!

TRIPPY'S creators: Sandy Martin & Tim Phoenix
TRIPPY'S creators: Sandy Martin & Tim Phoenix

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