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I love Barry Allen and company in CW's The Flash! This season we're getting an awesome villain in Zoom and they're furthering the CW Universe with the introduction of a bunch of new Metahumans from Earth-2. But with any show that must churn out 23-episodes per season, there's always going to be certain things that one doesn't necessarily like.

This is not me bashing the show, but pointing out the flaws in network television. I recently was watching the episode 'Escape From Earth-2'; and I noticed something that made me scratch my head. First, here's the definition of a plot hole from Wikipedia:

In fiction, a plot hole or plothole is a logical inconsistency within a story. Such inconsistencies include such things as illogical or impossible events, and statements or events that contradict earlier events in the storyline.

So, Let's First Take A Look At Some Things I Didn't Like In Season 2

I find Wally West kind of annoying. I think Joe West is one of the best fathers on television. And Iris has become an amazing part of the team dynamic. I know when entering a show as strong as this; it's tough to like new characters right from the start. I have faith that the show, will have larger plans for Kid Flash.

I guessed Jay Garrick was Zoom back on January 18th -- on this wonderful website. But is he really Zoom? I'm not quite sure how they're going to explain it and Andrew Kreisberg (Executive Producer, Writer) made comments that Garrick aka Hunter Zolomon is Zoom. This is really confusing to the audience and I am sure they're going to clarify it later in the season. I really would like to know how there's two of them. Maybe I just really want to find out that badly and it's just upsetting me! Check out what Kreisberg said to EW:

In a lot of ways, history is basically repeating itself. In the absence of the original Harrison Wells (Tom Cavanagh), Team Flash looked to Hunter Zolomon (née Jay Garrick!) as a leader, who helped to nurture everyone involved. Sound familiar? Eobard Thawne, under the guise of Wells, literally molded his nemesis Barry Allen (Grant Gustin) into The Flash all in the name of using him to get home. “It’s an even larger betrayal than last year in some ways, because they’re all going to feel like they should’ve been inoculated against it,” Kreisberg says. “Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me.
“They let this person in,” Kreisberg continues. “Part of the reason he was able to do that was because there was a hole in the center of their group, and he knew that. He was able to step in because they wanted it so desperately. Barry was missing his mentor, Wells, and here comes Jay offering to be his mentor. Caitlin [Danielle Panabaker] had lost Ronnie [Robbie Amell], and then here comes Jay offering to be her new knight in shinning armor.” (Seriously, poor Caitlin Snow!)

In this case, letting the past color their future actually worked against them. “The irony, of course, is the one person who has been saying, ‘Don’t trust this guy! Don’t trust this guy! Don’t trust this guy!’ has been Harry, who’s the one that none of them trusted,” Kreisberg says. “For us, there was all of this great, delicious irony to the whole thing. It happens in a way that didn’t make them look stupid, that the reason he was able to manipulate them was because he was playing on their emotions. It wasn’t because they were gullible. They actually took precautions in the beginning — Barry locked him up right away — but all of them had that need for a center and for a new star to right their ships by. Jay’s one charming, smooth guy and he was able to manipulate them in that way.”

So, exactly why was Hunter doing all this?

Lastly, I find Barry and Iris' possible relationship very odd. They just shared a kiss on Earth-2 and am I the only one just thinking they're technically brother and sister. I know they're not blood-related, but it's just very weird to me. And that's basically the main gist of what I didn't like this season; it's one of my favorite shows on television!

Now The Plot Hole!

You can argue that what I am about to write is not a plot hole -- and that's okay, because I can explain so hopefully you'll understand better. When Zoom confronted them at his lair and was about to kill Jesse; Killer Frost stepped in and started blasting him with her cool powers. Leonard Snart's cold gun is one of the few things in Flarrowverse that actually can hurt Barry. Barry and Zoom are both speedsters: so this means that the cold should hurt Zoom in the same way. This means that Zoom was at his most vulnerable when Killer Frost betrayed him. Why didn't Barry bring the fight to Zoom right then? This guy has been terrorizing two worlds and you're just going to let him kill the person that just saved you.

Barry should have taken a page of Man of Steel's playbook and ended his life right there. Now, this would have been an anticlimactic ending, but it should have happened. Every life that Zoom takes from here on out is on Barry. That's the plot hole; it's illogical to let Zoom live, when you had a chance to take him out. I honestly cannot think of a better time to fight Zoom, then when you have another Metahuman battling him with you, at his most vulnerable.


I believe the man in the iron mask is Barry Allen. Not our Barry Allen, but the old school show on CBS' one. With the introduction of The Flash on Supergirl; this makes anything possible. Zoom is obsessed with speed and they shown flashes of his (old school Barry Allen) show on The CW. I am not sure, but it's something I am willing to throw out there.

Also, what happens if they're really on Earth-2 and the cinematic version is Earth-1? In the comics, Earth-2 is the primary Earth -- and I know it's really confusing. This could be a way to intertwine the universes. But, who knows if we'll ever see any of this explained in the movies.

I am curious what you think of my alleged plot hole? Do you think Barry Allen should have fought Zoom with Killer Frost when he had the opportunity?

The Flash is back from break this Tuesday on the CW at 8 p.m.!

Source: EW


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