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[No Man's Sky](tag:2684052) has to be one of the best kept secrets and yet most talked about games of the year, generating massive excitement ahead of its June 21, 2016 release date. With its gorgeous and ambitious procedurally generated universe that will never be fully explored, it's an open world gamer's dream.

Aside from the massive scope of the game world, we don't really know a huge amount about the finer details, as developers Hello Games has been playing their cards very close to their chest on the matter, but we might have just gotten our first look at an off-screen image of the game. Check it out below!

The 2016 Game Developers Conference (GDC) — an annual expo showcasing (you guessed it) video game development from all across the globe — is currently ongoing in San Francisco, and an image from what is reported to be a No Man's Sky preview event from the conference leaked online via NeoGaf a few days ago.

The image was reportedly found on an unnamed "photographers website" and — if legit — gives us our first look at both a No Man's Sky NPC and dialogue options the player character can use to interact with said NPC.

The dialogue mechanics of the game (as shown in the above zoomed-in version of the high res image) seemingly suggest a language component to the NPC interfacing.

One word highlighted in orange, "Traveller," in amongst the rest of the sentence, which appears to be written in an alien language not dissimilar to Spanish or Latin, could mean that you learn different languages as you go along; the words you have in your vocabulary automatically being translated to English during your interactions.

Hello Games has not yet officially announced anything regarding the dialogue trees, but the image does show individual options that you can chose from to interact with the NPC. They appear to list options thanking them for their help, offering something from your inventory, explaining that you have peaceful intentions, and the last one, "Ask for help learning the Alien's language," which would support the translation speculation.

It also seems to give a name to the NPC along the lines of "Korven Entity," though it's hard to make out due to the image resolution. The image is still unconfirmed though, so bear that in mind and maybe take this news with a bucketload of salt.

'No Man's Sky' is set to release in North America June 21, 2016.

Source: NeoGAF


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