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I was pretty stoked with the whole concept of VR gaming; enjoying snippets of action in new, ridiculously immersive worlds. But after learning that Oculus Rift and Valve & HTC's Vive headsets would command their super high prices, it was easy to feel a little ostracised from this component of the future of entertainment.

But along came Sony with their $399 VR headset, and suddenly I was planning on how to rearrange my living room so I wouldn't knock myself out whilst playing Golem.


Whilst Sony have placed themselves in a very competitive spot with their pricing, the hardware giants have also announced that PSVR will be accompanied by around 50 games from launch to the end of 2016, which is an incredible amount of titles. And there is one game on that list that will surely sell the prospect of VR to you, and that title is Battlezone.

A reboot of Atari 2600's 1980 classic arcade shooter, developer Rebellion Developments (better known for the Sniper Elite franchise) have transformed the sluggish rumbler into a frenetic, procedurally generated action feast with a nippy tank that can strafe and jump! And the game's premise is simple: destroy the dastardly Rotberg Corporation's (named after original Battlezone programmer Ed Rotberg) rogue AI units, and finally get to that damn volcano.

The gameplay is incredibly simple too. Using the DualShock 4, players will seamlessly slip into the game by using the right stick to control the tank, and the left to control the turret. Whilst using the PSVR's ability to track the movement of your head to gawp around the wonderfully detailed cockpit.

You can even lean in to look closer at the cockpit's screens
You can even lean in to look closer at the cockpit's screens

The singleplayer mode has been reported to consist of "bite-sized experiences" in order to break us into the VR experience softly, because long periods of time spent in the VR world could be a little bit grating for early adopters and first timers. And whilst there's been no news about the game's multiplayer component, according to Engadget, who interviewed Rebellion's Head of Creative Tim Jones, said that "it's going to be a big part of the final game."

What do you make of that?

Will you be entering the Battlezone?

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