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This incredible cosplayer is shaking up the gender boundary of angry villain Kylo Ren from Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens with the unleashing of KYLIE REN upon the world!

A costume and photography queen who goes by the stage name Mistress of Fear has merged herself and the dark warrior into what she calls Fem Kylo Ren.

She has painstakingly crafted a stunning recreation of Ren's gear, from the helmet right down to the lightsaber. Watch out Rey.

Here's a reminder of Kylo in the movie:

Source: Lucasfilm
Source: Lucasfilm

Check out what the First Order disciple might look if he'd been female:

The Gloves

All image sources: Trevor Toma
All image sources: Trevor Toma

If you look closely at her gloves and bicep it's clear the Mistress of Fear has placed Kylo's gear under the magnifying glass to replicate the subtle details and fine embroidery. Adam Driver ain't got nothin' on this girl.

The Helmet

With her black mane tumbling about the helmet, the Mistress may have an even fiercer appearance than her inspiration. The helmet is designed to align Kylo with the face and voice of his idol, Darth Vader.

The Hooded Cape

The belt and cape are a force unto themselves. Could you tell this is the outfit of a child gone wrong in Kylo Ren?

The Stare

I can't work out which is more ferocious, her blistering gaze or the awesome lightsaber. In the movie Kylo crafted the fiery weapon himself from unstable kyber crystals.

Watch a clip of Kylo Ren in action:

What's the most impressive Kylie Ren feature?

Sources: Mistress of Fear, Trevor Toma


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