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Firestorm, Reverse Flash, Atom. These are but a few names that the DC TV Universe has brought to our screens. Arrow breathed new life into Katana and Deadshot, and The Flash has brought the likes of King Shark and Gorilla Grodd to our screens. When Arrow debuted in 2012 no one could have predicted the slew of comic book characters that would follow.

From the A list villains like Deathstroke and Reverse Flash, to the Z listers such as Komodo and The Royal Flush Gang, this "Arrowverse" continues to delight fans by bringing in a whole range of characters, and it looks like it has no intention of stopping. The Flash has just introduced many different earths, and the crossover with Supergirl proves that a multiverse exists. Damien Darkh looks to be in possession of a motherbox/boomtube leading to a possible shock inclusion of Apokolips and maybe even Darkseid. Then there is Legends of Tomorrow, who have already introduced Vandal Savage, Conor Hawke and are set to bring Jonah Hex on board!

There is no limit to what the DC TV universe can bring to the screen, well except the future Justice League movie characters, because god forbid there be TWO Supermen! A viewer couldn't possibly comprehend the existence of two different universes!

Legal issues aside, Arrow and Flash are definitely heading towards bringing a live action Justice League (or society) to our TV screens. The question now is, what other characters can they bring to their already established universe?

The Question - Arrow

A beloved character on the Justice League Unlimited animated series, Vic Sage is an aggressive investigative journalist by day, and a very aggressive vigilante detective by night. One of the world's foremost martial artists, The Question does what he must to protect the citizens of Hub City.

A character who would fit in perfectly with Arrow's gritty investigative themes, it's a mystery why he hasn't been introduced already! His city of operation was name dropped when it was revealed that Roy Harper had relocated to Hub City in Arrow season four.

It's worthwhile noting that The Question and The Huntress have had a relationship that closely mirrors Oliver's relationship with Helena in Arrow season one. Just like Oliver, Vic trained Helena the same way he was trained, but is disheartened when Helena continues to resort to killing as a solution. It is well known that the Arrow writers want to bring Helena back to the fold, what better way to introduce Question by bringing Huntress back?

Aqualad/Kaldur'ahm - Flash

While Arrow and Flash may not be able to use many of the Justice League movie characters on TV, they have got away with using many "discount" characters. Aquaman has been referenced in Flash in both a season one deleted scene, and by Jay Garrick (or Hunter, or Zoom, I keep forgetting). The ground has been set for Aquaman to appear, or have they been teasing Aqualad instead?

The character was a fan favourite on Young Justice. Possessing many of the same abilities as Aquaman, Kaldur is armed with Hydro Swords that can transform into weapons or shields when needed. I don't know about you guys, but I would love to see this on TV!

He was great friends with Wally West so it would be pretty awesome to see this transcend onto our screens! Who knows, maybe the CW could set up a live action Young Justice with Aqualad, Kid Flash and Red Arrow/Arsenal?

Sportsmaster, Cheshire and Artemis - Arrow

Young Justice getting some love on this list! I couldn't just include one character without including the full family! Sportsmaster, Artemis and Cheshire were a typically minor characters before their tenured run on Young Justice. The show made great use of their crazy family history, so much that Arrow basically adopted the storyline for the Malcolm/Thea relationship!

Sportsmaster and Cheshire would be great villains for Arrow-maybe not the season's big baddies-but maybe for a three episode arc just like Brick. Well, maybe not exactly like Brick. Arrow has misused many villains during it's 4 season run, but with their recent handling of lesser known villains such as Damien Darkh and Anarchy I have faith that they could pull the duo off.

Let's not forget about Artemis of course. She faces the problem of the show having too many archers. While that is correct, she doesn't have to appear as the character we loved in Young Justice season one. Why not introduce her as Tigress, the mantle she took up at the end of season two? The show wouldn't have to introduce yet another archer, and maybe she could be added to season five's flashback scenes to give her some exposition? Made sense for Constantine, why not Tigress?

Mirror Master - Flash

I think we can all agree on the fact that Mirror Master has been a sad omission from Flash's rogues! We have seen Captain Cold, Heat Wave, Captain Boomerang and even Weather Wizard, so where on earth is Mirror Master!?

I know that Weather Wizard is a technology based villain, but I would like Flash to give him the same treatment as Weather Wizard and make him a full on metahuman! While many want to include the character simply because he is a Flash mainstay, I want to include him to expand the already large metahuman universe. While most of the metahumans gained powers from the particle accelerator, Flash could expand the metahuman reach by including the Evan McCulloch version of Mirror Master.

McCulloch is a Scottish mercenary who wreaked havoc in the United Kingdom. Keeping his origins the same would expand the metahuman reach, opening up many possibilities for The Flash.

Nightwing - Arrow and Flash

As I said before, Arrow and Flash have to use many "discount" characters due to legal limitations. So if we can't have Batman, why not have Nightwing? Producers have teased him for years, as have Stephen Amell and Steven McQueen! With no current plans to include him in the DCEU, and Dick Grayson having a tombstone in Batman v Superman, Arrow and Flash could bring us the long awaited live action debut of Nightwing!

The character would be perfect for next season's crossover special, setting up a future Justice League. With the inclusion of Nightwing, and the future Supergirl crossover with Flash, we could finally get the proper Justice League/ Society set up! The big seven being Green Arrow, Flash, Supergirl, Nightwing, Atom, Black Canary and Firestorm of course.

Are there any characters I have missed out that you want to see? Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


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