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Satoru is back in the future, but not the same way you would think!

Once again we jump to a new direction for the series, now back in the future but this time, having Satoru being in a coma for the past 15 years! It is interesting because we never see how he lives from the car being put into the lake from last episode but it is incinerated that the teacher went back to save him. Either way for the next 15 years from that point, his mother is forced to take care of him until he wakes up from the coma.

For most of the episode, we are spent time at the hospital as Satoru's friends show up to support him and he even begins to gain his health back. We see that Hinazuki is now married and with a child and most of the people haven't forgotten about him even the press. But while at the hospital he runs into Mr. Yashiro, his homeroom teacher from 15 years ago. Unfortunately he doesn't remember anything from his past and I would even assume from his previous future self as well.

There are little things in this episode that I like, how he now talks in his mind as if is still were a fifth grader even though he is in his late 20's. How the mother was able to take care of him for so long. Even that Hinazuki and most of his friends that he tried to protect ended up being okay in the end.

When his teacher showed up it became very clear that he was there to either kill him or make sure that he doesn't remember anything. This leads to him taking Satoru to the roof with what you can obviously assume what he is planning to do. But the episode ends off with a twist pulled on Yashiro, that is that Satoru remembers everything!

I like the idea of having Satoru grow older in a world that is now much different, but I wish he had his memories right out the gate. If that were the case, most of the episode could've been him trying to gather his friends for one more mission! Now that Yashiro is a politician, they could've taken the chance to pulled up moment he is finally exposed. Maybe they will do that in the finale, but I'm sure is won't be as exciting. Normally the episode before the finale tries to build up to a moment that you don't see coming and takes you for a turn. With this show, I already have a feeling on where the finale will go and how this series will end. I guess we will have to wait and see till next week.

Rating: B


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