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The Walking Dead's popularly has continued to grow ever since it first aired back in 2010. We have a great selection of characters to love and hate in the show thanks to the source material, but one of the reasons we love The Walking Dead so much is because it has amazing villains. Here's a list of the 10 best villains on the show so far.

If you're currently unable to view this video, check out the list below!

1. Rick Grimes

  • Real Name: Richard Grimes
  • Portrayed by: Andrew Lincoln
  • 1st Comic Appearance: The Walking Dead #1 - Days Gone By, Pt. 1
  • 1st TV Appearance: "Days Gone Bye"
  • Role: Leader of the Atlanta group turned leader of the Alexandria Safe Zone

OK, here we go. If you have not turned off the video yet let me explain. Let’s ask the question: What is a villain? If we can call Shane a villain why not Rick? He is someone who, over the course of the last three seasons, has done more insane and notorious things than almost anyone else on this list.

Sure there are reasons behind them and he started out honorable, but that was a long, long time ago. He is now a character that does not believe in fairness. He does whatever it takes for his group to survive. Over time we have seen Rick commit some pretty horrific acts, brutally murder people who have not agreed with his plan, and even convince other members of his group to participate in the brutal slaughtering of others. Other characters on this list have also had similar plans and taken them too far — and Rick is just as guilty.

2. The Governor

  • Real Name: Philip Blake
  • Portrayed by: David Morrissey
  • First Comic Appearance: The Walking Dead #27 - The Best Defense, Pt. 3
  • First TV Appearance: "Walk With Me"
  • Role: Leader of Woodbury

To most, the Governor is probably the worst, most damaging villain the show has ever seen. He killed plenty of innocent people (including Hershel), threatened to rape Maggie, and when we look back, also caused the death of Andrea and T-Dog. His actions are some of the most brutal of the series so far. He manipulated everyone into believing he had good intentions but was someone that when you look back you can see pure evil in his eyes (or eye).

3. Shane Walsh

  • Real Name: Shane Walsh
  • Portrayed by: Jon Bernthal
  • First Comic Appearance: The Walking Dead #1 - Days Gone By, Pt. 1
  • First TV Appearance: "Days Gone Bye"
  • Role: Second-in-command of Rick’s group

Shane had one of the most compelling story arcs on The Walking Dead. The best friend good guy, turned unstable, then turned pure evil through the course of two seasons. It became clear there was no going back for him when he sacrificed Otis to be eaten alive by walkers. He went on to threaten to kill a number of the original Atlanta group members as well as have some seriously rapist intentions when it came to Lori in Season 2. He is on this list because he was one of the pure good ones that we saw fall from grace.

4. Gareth

  • Real Name: Gareth
  • Portrayed by: Andrew J. West
  • First Comic Appearance: None
  • First TV Appearance: "A"
  • Role: Leader of Terminus

What makes Gareth an awesome and interesting villain is the fact that he started off trying to help other survivors by providing shelter but then switched to the dark side after Terminus was seized by a gang of rapists and robbers. He turned his group into cannibals, where he would lure fellow survivors to Terminus in order to eat them. Later he went on to trap Rick and the Gang and no one will forget him eating Bob while he was still alive.

5. Merle Dixon

  • Real Name: Merle Dixon
  • Portrayed by: Michael Rooker
  • First Comic Appearance: None
  • First TV Appearance: "Guts"
  • Role: Woodbury guard, Daryl Dixon’s brother

From the first time we met Merle we knew he was trouble. What no one expected was just how much worse he would get once he joined the Governor — murdering many men for the Woodbury leader, capturing Glenn and Maggie as prisoners, beating them, and almost getting Glenn killed. He was a violent, manipulative, and hateful man for almost his entire run on the series.

6. Lizzie

  • Real Name: Lizzie Samuels
  • Portrayed by: Brighton Sharbino
  • First Comic Appearance: None
  • First TV Appearance: "30 Days Without An Accident"
  • Role: Member of the prison community

Now was Lizzie a villain or just a child traumatized by the situation? I mean, she’s just a child and was someone who clearly didn’t understand what was really going on with the zombies. She fed and wanted to befriend walkers, but I think the moment she murdered her younger sister and tried to kill baby Judith everyone knew if she was not killed she would have become an extremely dangerous sociopath.

7. Carol Peletier

  • Real Name: Carol Peletier
  • Portrayed by: Melissa McBride
  • First Comic Appearance: The Walking Dead #3
  • First TV Appearance: "Tell It to the Frogs"
  • Role: Member of the Atlanta Group

Now I know most of us out there love Carol, but if we start to really dig into her character we might have to look at Carol as kind of a villain; not a typical villain, but one nonetheless. Yes, her actions are often for what she believes is best for the group, but her unstable nature is proving to make her more of a villainess. She has murdered innocent people, threatened to kill Sam, and her actions make her out to look like a villain to everyone in Alexandria. So, sorry Carol — you are on this list.

8. Joe

  • Real Name: Joe
  • Portrayed by: Jeff Kober
  • First Comic Appearance: None
  • First TV Appearance: "Claimed"
  • Role: Leader of the Claimers

Joe and his crew were not in the series long but when they were Joe came off as ruthless as any other character on the show. Joe being the cold-blooded leader gets a nod here for the rules he laid down for his own crew. The moment where he threaten to let his crew rape and murder Carl in front of Rick as they beat Daryl senseless was one of the most uncomfortable scenes to watch.

9. Officer Dawn Lerner

  • Real Name: Dawn Lerner
  • Portrayed by: Christine Woods
  • First Comic Appearance: None
  • First TV Appearance: "Slabtown"
  • Role: Leader of Grady Memorial Hospital

Dawn was a character that we didn’t know much about. She was the police officer in charge of brutal and corrupt system at Grady Memorial Hospital. She was a limited background character for most of her run on the show. What has her on the list is the fact that she was unhinged and had serious anger and control issues. She also turned a blind eye to all of the abuse happening in the hospital, which lead to the abuse of characters like Gorman by other members of the hospital. Dawn is also responsible for (accidentally) killing Beth.

10. Martin

  • Real Name: Martin
  • Portrayed by: Chris Coy
  • First Comic Appearance: None
  • First TV Appearance: "No Sanctuary"
  • Role: Resident of Terminus

The reason for Martin being on this list is because of how little we knew about him coupled with his few on-screen appearances that left a lasting impression. He participated in eating Bob with his boss, and if it wasn’t for Martin, Gareth would have never found the group. He was not only a cannibal but also threatened to kill baby Judith in order to escape capture by Tyreese and Carol. He was such a disturbing character that he haunted Tyreese as he was dying.

But this is just my opinion, and maybe you disagree!

Who do you think are the best villains on 'The Walking Dead' so far? Let me know in the comments below!


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